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these allocations, together with the more than $1.3 billion in non-competit… hazard mitigation community education and outreach implemented a unique approach for the disaster recovery center in the response to severe storms, flooding, landslides and mudslides that impacted oregon in february. if their response required a mitigation reply, they were directed to the appropriate mitigation specialist, helping to connect people to the information and help they needed. with the current state of affairs we are all in, i would emplore everyone to take care of themselves and their families as we work through this evolution. how about an mep who longs to visit liberty county again? no longer will you have to lug around the gigantic tome! registration is now open for the first class in the emergency management basic academy series (l0101).

wyoming was the only, and i believe still is, the only state to have 100 percent ipaws coverage. did you know you can go to the department of homeland security’s science and technology directorate’s information sharing and assessment tool and pinpoint your most pressing challenges when it comes to information sharing? #iaem19 #waha #preparewyo cheyenne/laramie county emergency management is the final county to sign on to the wicmaa agreement. cheyenne, wy – on october 15, 2019, the laramie county board of county commissioners became the 23rd and final county to sign onto the wyoming inter-county mutual aid agreement (wicmaa). “laramie county is excited to be a part of wicmaa, and we’re honored to be the capstone county that completes this agreement,” says jeanine west, cheyenne/laramie county emergency management director. the governors’ guide to homeland security published by the national governor’s association makes for some interesting reading!

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see more of wyoming office of homeland security on facebook registration is being handled on the wyoming office of homeland security’s eventbrite site: teton county wy emergency management office of homeland security. eventbrite training page at https:///o/wyoming-office-of- homeland-security-training-,

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