ucsf myaccess

the ucsf myaccess settings feature provides a mostly pre-configured route to enabling ucsf myaccess as your site’s main sign-on mechanism. although this is mostly pre-configured, it is important to review this documentation, as there are a couple manual steps to ensure you can access your site through myaccess. the incident page will load, go to “type of help” and then select “myaccess” note: it is unnecessary to list ‘dev’ or ‘stage’ sites as simplesaml only runs in production. replace yoursite.ucsf.edu with the name of the site you want to use myaccess! note: all instructions from here on out should be carried out on whichever environment (dev, stage, production) is authoritative in terms of the db and configuration. go to the user list in the admin menu (admin > people) and figure which users need “fallback” access (back-end access on dev and stage).

write a comma-separated list of the user ids corresponding to the users who need fallback access. note: any list other than 1,2 may cause features to report the ucsf myaccess settings feature as “overridden” — this is ok. note: if the only admin accounts you are using are user “1” (the initial superuser, ucsf_admin on the starter kit) and 2, you could skip this step, but it’s still a good idea to check. — if you don’t have access to one of the accounts listed either 1,2 or in your own list, you can lock yourself out. check the box next to ucsf myaccess settings and then click save settings. now go to the simplesaml php auth module settings (admin > configuration > people > simplesamlphp authentication module settings) and paste your list into the field at the bottom of the page marked “which users should be allowed to login with local accounts?” (if your list is more than ‘1,2’). check that your account numbers took in the local accounts field. if you need to access the fallback account on a production site, you can do so by manually going to the user/login page (yoursite.ucsf.edu/user/login).

myaccess is ucsf’s single-sign on (sso) service which enables you to access a variety of medical center username: ucsfmc\jsmith; ucsf email address: jo.smith@ucsf. edu. if you’ve forgotten your password, try log into myaccess to access a host of supported ucsf applications. duo security. duo with myaccess. as of june 30th,, ucsf it, ucsf it, ucsf email, ucsf box, ucsf directory.

about ucsf search ucsf ucsf medical center ucsf directory ucsf university of california, san francisco beginning june 30, myaccess will require duo. duo provides an extra layer of protection to ensure the myaccess is ucsf’s single sign-on (sso) service, which enables you to access a variety of applications after logging in, ucsf zoom, ucsf vpn, ucsf student portal, ucsf library

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