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“you can’t expect to be a sheepdog… you can’t expect to be able to stand up and fight when you don’t know how to do any of those things.”–tony sentmanat in january, sealfit is launching the cleaner eating challenge. i know you’ve got a ton of things vying for your attention, and the fact that you’re giving it to us today speaks volumes. mark: yeah, so we got a lot to talk about, because one of the things i mentioned to you before is i love… i’m a lifelong martial artist, and navy seal for 20 years, and whatnot. and a lot of people like you and me are training individuals and so i think it’s really cool. i mean, the thing is down here in miami, there’s a lot of armed robberies. and then you’d get a call and have to get in the car? and then the other 2 days would be either running, physical… you know what i’m saying? took 2 people hostage and then my team had to go in there and neutralize the guy. tony: if he did get through that day, he would have got into a car accident the next day and got killed. because obviously me and you are always going to be at a heightened state of awareness that other people aren’t going to be. and you know, pts is a big issue obviously in the military community. and then from one day to the next, you’re sitting on your couch and doing absolutely nothing. mark: you know, 2 of the things that i teach people to be able to manage stress–1 of them is breathing–breath awareness, and i have a practice called box breathing. mark: that skill is kind of to take your mind off… take your mind off the impending disaster or problem and putting on other things that are productive. so i go and i clear the bathroom and of course i’m going to check that 1 foot. and so now i have my foot through the door, my body’s on the other side of the door. and so one of the great releases is just kind of the “stupid” factor, you know what i mean?

i did that towards the end of my career a lot because i was always the bigger guy on my team. and i explain to people because one of the hardest things that i’ve come to realize in 20 years. so i’m going to be hitting your… as i’m pushing out, i’m squeezing it, i hit the wall on my trigger. i’m going to get you.” you know, that was in my head, it was kind of like a… once you get to the point where you’ve done it as many times as i had, it becomes a cat and mouse. there’s no… in the brain, i think once you set yourself a goal… mark: most of these turds are not well-trained though. and it was 3 of them, they bailed out of the car on me. so it’s… you see these individuals and yeah, they’re not tactical guys but a lot of them, they do things that are incredible. tony: and she told me that because of the training that i put her through… she had been through all my courses. if i can go to the bathroom with my gun, i will, you know what i’m saying? and then number two, you said, if there’s a pause in the volley or while a volley’s launching? but if you have 20, 30 yards away from the guy, you have a chance to get out and call the police. tony: nowadays, most concerts you go to you have to go through a metal detector because of the shootings that have happened in the past. it’s one of the things i talk a lot… in the seals we used the cooper color system and whatnot, but how do you teach situational awareness? the only time that it really hits somebody is when they’re one day walking to their car on their phone and next thing they know, they feel a freakin’ gun to the back of their head. and i ended up… i tried to break the window of his car, cause he was parked in the parking lot. and this little world that you live in a bubble, that most of these people live in. because that was why i started my company in the first place was to give people a fighting chance. and teach people to take care of business and stop these turds in their tracks.

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