the navigator

the navigator is a 1924 comedy directed by and starring buster keaton. agents for the other small nation in the conflict decide to set the ship adrift that same night. betsy hears his cry for help and boards the ship to look for him, just before it is cut loose. while rollo dons a deep sea diving suit and submerges to patch the hole, the natives canoe out and take betsy captive. the natives return and try to board the ship. after the disappointing reception of sherlock jr., keaton and his production team’s morale was low and they were looking for a project that would be both exciting and successful.

keaton immediately began planning a film centered around the buford and had producer joseph schenck chart the boat for $25,000 with a crew and sail it to los angeles. of the 60 person film crew about half were real sailors hired to handle the ship. keaton found crisp difficult to collaborate with[5] and informed crisp that the shooting was over just as an excuse to get rid of him. to cope with the cold temperature of the lake, keaton and his cameraman drank bourbon. the delays caused the film to go over budget, which keaton and schenck fought over. that is to say it’s both commonplace and novel, with the latter sufficient to make the picture a laugh getter…” variety also noted the novelty of keaton’s deep-sea diving costume and settings and praised “an abundance of funny business” in some of the film’s underwater scenes. its theme of civilized man versus the machine (seen as making life difficult for modern man because we have become so dependent on it and it’s not always reliable), was never used more effectively in cinema.

the navigator: a medieval odyssey is a 1988 feature film, an men seeking relief from the black death, guided by a boy’s vision, dig a tunnel from 14th century england to 20th david freeman (joey cramer) is an ordinary boy destined, the navigator 1924 , the navigator 1924 , the navigator film, the navigator: a medieval odyssey, the navigator book. [u’ In Cumbria, England, in the year 1348, a village prepares for the dreadful onslaught of the Black Plague. Their only hope comes from an unlikely source — Griffin (Hamish McFarlane), a boy who envisions salvation by journeying on a quest into another world. With his brother (Bruce Lyons) and four companions, Griffin leads them into a time portal to the 20th century. Suddenly, they find themselves in New Zealand in 1988, facing challenges even more frightening than the world they know.\u2026\xa0More

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