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for some dogs, a car ride is one of life’s happy experiences, almost as good as a roll in dead squirrel. let’s put it this way, if the destination is always the vet’s office, your dog probably isn’t going to enjoy whatever gets them there. you want to make sure a road trip will be as awesome and stress free as possible for your pup. your dog can smell your feelings in fact, your dog’s sense of smell is approximately 100,000 times better than yours. when a human is fearful, they perspire, and a dog is easily able to pick up on this change keep dogs restrained.

some even allow their dogs to ride in their laps. the distraction of a dog can easily take your attention away from driving, leading to an accident or, at the very least, a close call. if your dog is unrestrained, he can easily be thrown from the car (or thrown around the car). spending just 15-30 minutes with your dog can help you feel more calm and relaxed, reducing stress and increasing happiness. that wagging tail will be sure to put a smile on your face

join the official happydog club and we’ll send you monthly deals (up to 50% off) straight to your mailbox. we believe it’s a much happier shopping experience when you don’t have to worry about shipping costs — ever happydog believes in affordable, simple prices. from custom tags, collars, and harnesses to comfy beds, toys, and cool gadgets. it’s the new innovative way to feed your furry friend. i’ve been looking all over the place for some cool new things for my dog charlie, but couldn’t find them. bought my first led harness on your store.

it’s a good feeling knowing that my purchases are helping pets in need. at first i was worried about shipping times, but you guys are faster than stated! thank you find everything you need on to welcome your cute new puppy home. your #1 trusted dog shopour team loves dogs. happydog’s mission is to bring happiness to all of the good boys and girls out there by carefully curating fun and essential products. we hope to become your dog’s 2nd best friend. learn more.???? (647) 485-5dog✉️ at happydog, we have pledged to donate a portion of the proceeds from every order to support local charities in canada that help animals in need.

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