teach dog to stay

teaching your dog to stay is a really useful command for your dog to know and there are lots of situations where you might want to use it. to start teaching a dog to stay, choose a quiet location that is familiar to your dog. you also want to make sure that your dog is calm when you start this training. if your dog is naturally energetic, you may want to try after they’ve been for a walk. you will also need to pick a cue word, and make sure you stick to it. ask your dog to get into your chosen starting position and praise them for it. holding your hand up with a flat palm facing away from you works well. you’re going to need to be fast with this, so you may want to practice this without your dog there first. once you can do this 5 times in a row, without your dog getting up before you have chance to reward them, move on to the next stage.

eye contact is a big anchor for dogs’ attention, so this is a great way to really test how good they are at staying. next, you want to start to build up the amount of time that your dog can stay before you reward them. this is going to be different for every dog. if your dog is moving, then you may have built up too quickly. next, you can start to put distance between you and your dog while they stay. you will want to make sure your dog can stay for a good minute or two before you progress to this. your dog may start to find it harder with the distance, so you may have to reduce the amount of time that you ask your dog to stay for and build back up. once you can move around your dog freely while they remain in a stay, see if you can quickly pop out of sight and then come back to reward them. once your dog is comfortable being asked to “stay” in a familiar environment, you can change location and start the training again. you can also teach your dog a release word, like ‘ok’ to let them know that they can leave the stay.

when you first bring a dog into your heart and home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with the abundance of opinions on dog training and obedience. an easy way to do this is with a treat pouch clipped to your waist or belt loop. without a reliable ‘stay’ cue, your dog may dart after an animal, unaware of oncoming traffic or other hazards. training your dog to stay is not taught in the same way that other cues, commands, and tricks are taught. when training a dog to ‘stay’, progress very, very slowly, both in terms of the distance you are from your dog, the duration of time he must stay in position, and the level of distractions around you during your training sessions.

at first, you may only be able to move one foot a few inches backwards before your dog gets up or moves. again, start small, inside the home, with few distractions and slowly incorporate them, continuing to reward your dog for staying in any given cue. if, at any point during training, your dog is unsuccessful, simple go back to the most recent successful ‘stay’ and begin again, progressing more slowly as needed. the dogington post is dedicated to finding the best products for dogs and we will never recommend a product that we don’t love. this content is provided ‘as is’ and is subject to change or removal at any time.

teaching distance stays happen literally a half step at a time. position your dog as you wish and give your dog his stay command. step back with how to teach a dog to stay first, teach the release word. stand with your puppy in a sit or a stand, toss a treat on the how to train a dog to stay ask your dog to lie down. give your dog a hand signal – for example, a ‘stop’ sign with the palm of your hand facing your dog., .

a cued stay is where the dog has a hand signal or a verbal cue that means “hold this position,” separate from the hand signal or verbal cue for increase the length of time your dog stays. when your dog is comfortable with you being a good distance away, start increasing the amount of time you have him “stay” is a command that tells your dog to remain stationary where you place them until they are released. this can be used in correlation with a movement, .

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