teach dog to come

you must teach your dog that it’s worth it to come when called whenever you ask, on leash or off (outdoors or indoors). if you think your dog has a poisoned “come” cue, there is a simple fix — change the word you use to call them to come to you! the emergency recall is a way to call a dog back in case of emergency, such as door dashing or if they take off chasing a squirrel. i consider the recall complete when i can take hold of a dog’s collar, but you may decide that you want your dog’s recall to be complete when they come back to you and sit. if your dog is distracted by the helper and doesn’t show a lot of interest in running towards you, don’t run too far away before calling them to come. play this game outside in a fenced yard or with your dog on a long leash, so there’s lots of room for you to run. your dog will either: pro tip: when i’m training a dog to come when called, i do not call the dog to come unless i know i can make it happen if they don’t initially respond. make sure you have a solid foundation of the behavior, and that your dog truly understands what “come” means before expecting success outside or off-leash.

the last thing i want is for a dog to learn that the recall cue means nothing or is something they can just ignore in favor of chasing a squirrel. don’t call your dog to come when you know that you haven’t proofed the behavior around that type of distraction. instead, you have two options: go and collect your dog without saying come, or call them to come, reward, and then wait a few minutes before starting the less pleasant activity. you can encourage faster recalls a few different ways: consider if and when you should allow your dog to be off a leash in unsecured areas. you don’t want your dog to be the cause of a dog fight. that way, you can go back a few steps in your dog’s training and strengthen the foundation of your dog’s recall if needed. a great way to test an off-leash recall is at the dog park. please share your experiences and stories, your opinions and feedback about this blog, or what you’ve learned that you’d like to share with others.

first, show your dog a toy or a treat, praise them as they are coming to you, then reward them. after a few repetitions, whenever your dog looks at you and sit with your puppy and say his name or the word “come.” each time you say “come/name,” give your puppy a treat how to teach a dog to come begin indoors at shorter distances, like 10 or 15 feet. repeat this process at longer distances. think about the things that, .

ask a friend or partner to help take it in turns to gently hold your dog’s collar whilst the other one walks a distance away and then calls the dog over. (don¿t let your dog eat the treat and then when they turn around to face you and take a step toward you, say the verbal cue “come” and click and treat. hold up a toy or treat, then say your dog’s name followed by “come” in a clear, excited tone. if necessary, make movements such as tapping your, .

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