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tony sentmanat, 38-year-old former marine and swat officer, first catapulted to social media fame with a video snippet from one of his “what the f*&#%” workouts that, for him, was just another day in the gym. these days, sentmanat has synthesized everything he learned from his nearly two decades of experience in the marines and police force to develop the real world tactical training system. but, in the midst of it, a hard lesson at a young age tested his sense of justice and set him on the path to whom he’d become as a man. in the marines, he became a firearms and close-quarters combat instructor.

the objective is for his trainees to survive and thrive in the complex, unpredictable, high-risk confrontations that are the milieu of the tactical athlete. one of his favorite moves for core and stabilization training is picking up a 100-150-pound sandbag from the ground, throwing it onto the right shoulder, returning it to the ground, then picking it up and throwing it onto the left shoulder—then repeating the sequence over and over. one of the most impressive aspects to sentmanat is how quickly and quietly he moves for a straight-jacked 6-foot-2, 240-pound man. “you need to be able to do 30-40 minutes of incredibly high intensity work and still have enough gas to fight and finish the job,” he says. “go to the utter limit, and then do 5 more reps,” he says.

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pdf | this article examines research surrounding the acute physiological responses to strongman and working with some of the top names in powerlifting, bodybuilding, kickboxing, and the ufc. drawn from sentmanat’s real world tactical training principles, here are six keys workout pdf download pdf here are just a few points when beginning the tactical physique training plan. give the,

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