sub 20 5k training plan

to start this training plan it is recommended that your 5k pb should be below the 22 minute 5k mark already and you are able to run at a pace of 6:25 per mile for at least 1km. hi jack, if you are hitting the times for the interval sessions and getting through them okay then i would give it a go after 2-3 cycles. i do most of my runs on a treadmill, except for the 5k, and each session i increase the speed by 0.2 in km/hr. if you are planning a 5k attempt within the plan i opt for the end of week 3, but drop the hill session that week and replace with easy run or fartlek session, nothing too strenuous. check out the plans for the 10k training on the site and take a couple of sessions from there. it’s not too hard to follow and i know for a fact that i can get my 5k time (20:16) under for the upcoming cross country season!! hi – what sort of pace did you run your easy runs at, and how did you work the interval sessions prior to being ‘ready’ for a race at your target paces? how long should i be on the plan before running a 5k competition again? by my third cycle it wasn’t a question of whether or not i would get the necessary times in the workouts with jogs for rests, whereas when i started in july i had to modify the rests to be longer, and i wasn’t hitting all the times. with reference to taking a minute off your time, if you haven’t consistently run before i would recommend doing 3 cycles of the sub 20 to get your body used to the mileage and consistency of running. could be running up a hill or just running faster for a couple of minutes and then back to 10k pace. by training at just under this level, you are aiming to moving the point at which lactate builds up so you will be able to sustain a faster speed. secondly, you mention to do your pb attempt at the end of the second or third week? i know the plan says you should be able to hit 22. weight/fat loss and following these training plans were the two biggest factors in me taking my time from a 25 min 5k to a sub 16 min 5k when i started running a few years ago now. running at that pace would give you a close to 21 minute 5k, which isn’t that far off the holy grail of a 20 minute 5k. otherwise i think the speedwork sessions in this plan are right-on to get you where you want to be. – i increased mileage to a max of 30 per week over the course of this training plan. i’m looking forward to week 4 of the plan and seeing how i feel afterwards. i’m in good shape and my 5k time is 21:50. if i follow this plan about how many months will it take to achieve a sub 20 minute 5k? i’d recommend following the plan for a couple of cycles and you should be ready.

i managed to run 20:33 after a year of following your plan from 23:14. i was running 20 mile weeks in the run up to my last pb. for those interested, i read another blog that recommended just that: adhering to the target pace and increasing rest time as necessary to be able to complete the work out. hi matt, so i have a 22-ish 5k right now, and would like to become sub 20 (hopefully around 18-19) in the next 10 months. i was wondering, towards the end of the 2nd week and the beginning of the 3rd week there are 4 hard workouts in a row. hi, i came accross this site and enjoyed reading the comments for a sub 20 min 5k. hi, sorry if this is a really obvious question but i have no real knowledge on this and want to give the plan a proper go. with a gps watch like this you can set it up to alert you when you have completed each km and then use the timer for the easy 90secs. i’ve found that for specific 5k training the long run is probably the one to miss if you have to miss any of the sessions during the week (slightly different if you are following a 10k plan). if you are focusing solely on 5k’s then i don’t think the long run needs to be any longer than an hour and a half max. you want to prepare you body for running at your target race pace so ideally you want to include a short piece of running in your warm-up at that race pace; then it won’t be such a shock to the system when you start the race. the point of the plan is to train your body so you are in a position to get the target time at the end of the cycle. an easy run that is 35+ seconds slower per mile than target race pace is acceptable but of course, you are free to modify the plan as works best for you :-). if it’s cardio you are after though, i think the training plans here will good you a good base to work from. i’m 47 now so i’m hoping to scare a few of the youngsters. the course i am going to run for my next 5k has an intense hill a little under a quarter mile in length at the 2.7 mile mark and i am afraid i won’t be able to break 20 because of it. obviously adapt the session to how you feel but for 800m i usually go for a slow jog or standing recovery of the same time (i.e., be stationary for however long it would take to jog 200m). if you can already run a 25min 5k my advice would be to follow the 24 minute 5k training plan first before attempting the 22 minute 5k plan. let us know how you get on with the 18 minute plan and enjoy getting faster ???? cheers i am wary of sounding like a tit, but i’m very interested. i am moving on to the 18 plan now. i think i might do this plan one more time and then move on to the 18 minute 5k plan. good luck with the sub 20 minute 5k plan and drop us a note to let us know how you get on. i will be experimenting with a combination of your sub 20 and sub 18 plans later in the year – hoping to improve my 18:53 pb.

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