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the nation’s poorest are being left out of economic growth, intensifying the negative impact of poverty and hoplessness in those communities. there is a growing skills gap in the workforce. strive helps a population seeking a better life acquire the skills and attitudes they need to find sustained employment. strive trains men and women in skills that employers need and that meet the demands of today’s workforce. we achieve that difficult goal by teaching people the culture of work and the interpersonal skills they need to succeed in any job environment.

career coaching: all strive participants receive intensive personal attention to address obstacles that stand in the way of their success in a career. before individuals receive occupational skills training, all participants must enroll in strive start for job readiness training that instills the attitudes and behaviors people need for success in work and in life. even after graduates find employment, strive continues its long-term commitment to the lifetime success of our graduates. in this problem, strive sees an opportunity… and has a solution. we are ready with a comprehensive model that trains them in the skills and behaviors that employers need and that create a path to careers.

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