stop dog jumping up

your dog usually learns to jump up when they are a puppy. timing, consistency and perseverance are key when training your dog not to jump up. when you first start you may find your dog jumps up more. the trick is to teach your dog that jumping up isn’t an effective way to get your attention. as soon as this happens, turn around and reward your dog with positive attention. you will need to turn away every time your dog jumps up. the more consistent you are, the quicker your dog will learn that jumping up doesn’t work.

as well as being consistent yourself, you need to ensure that every person who interacts with your dog follows the same rule and ignores your dog’s jumping up behaviour. to make sure your dog doesn’t get to practice jumping up at strangers at places like the park, you can use a longline (10m long lead.) if your dog is getting frustrated and is still jumping up despite being ignored, then you may need to change your approach. before someone says hello to your dog, try and ask your dog to sit, and ask the person not to give them attention until they do it. keep practising and your dog will soon learn that sitting gets attention and jumping up doesn’t. once the visitors are settled and therefore a bit less exciting for your dog, bring your dog in to the room on the houseline. use treats to keep your dog focussed on you and ask them to sit as they greet the visitors. book now or register your interest future classes.

from several feet away, ask your dog to sit. when they do, calmly approach. if they stand up, turn and walk back to your starting point and ask teach your dog that they receive no attention for jumping on you or anyone else. you can turn your back and only pet your dog when all four paws are on the the answer for this is simple. put the behavior on a command, such as “up!” paired with a hand signal of patting your chest. the dog is only allowed to jump, .

as soon as your dog jumps up, turn your back. cross your arms over your chest and don’t make a sound. if the dog runs around to jump up again, interrupt your dog’s jumping and guide them to an area where they cannot jump up on people or put them on a leash so you can better control the step 1 – don’t reward your dog’s jumping up behaviour step 2 – everyone your dog meets can help them stop jumping up step 3 – if your dog is frustrated,, .

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