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i did it for squats as a fairly new lifter and put 25 kg on my back squat. but it was brutal and it was very hard to maintain that new squat max after i had finished. i liked smolov jr, which is basically just the base mesocycle of the full smolov program. the intense cycle was much more grueling, and since it only gave me a 5kg pr i find it to be unnecessary. i had a 100kg front squat and a 175kg back squat, a big difference. results wise i went to 130kg on my front squat gaining 30 kilos on my front squat at the end of the program. from barely being able to front squat one rep for 100kilos, today i can do 5 easily over sets on that weight, and pause front squat 130 kilos. i did smolov jr. for my back squat in february.

definitely need to prioritize eating and sleeping. on squats, i had zero energy to do any of the lifts or much of anything really for gains on the squat that were nowhere near as big, enjoyable, sustainable, or as fast as squatting every day to a max and doing back offs. or if you really want to outgrow your pants but not be able to snatch or clean anything worth a damn for 3 weeks. i ate a lot and gained about 3 kg of body weight. it wasnt the best way to do it, but 3 days off did help. after switching to wl – i don’t squat as much as i used to, but i’m still sitting at around 180kg bs @ 77kg. it didnt help me as much as this /russian-squat-routine-bench-press-deadlift-generator-spreadsheet/ doing smolov went from 200kg to about 210kg doing russian squat routine went from 210 to 230 i ran smolov junior for bench and had very positive results with it. rather hard to olympic lift for any more than a session or 2 per week while running smolov junior but its great for strength only cycles.

13 votes, 35 comments. 155k members in the powerlifting community. a subreddit for the sport of powerlifting. i did the hatch cycle in the spring and normal athletics training over the summer. i’ m looking to do smolov jr. during this 73 votes, 50 comments. background / training history this section is only necessary information to the program if you, smolov jr, smolov jr, smolov spreadsheet, smolov jr bench, smolov deadlift.

i just finished the first week of this routine and it was pretty brutal. i just wanted to see if anyone else has done this and is the entire program is based on your 1 rep max and most sites explaining smolov say to use a 1rm that you are 66 votes, 18 comments. background old lifetime pr: 315 lbs in august 2017 estimated max when starting program:, smolov jr squat reddit, smolov switching cycle, smolov bench reddit, smolov accessories

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