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you’ll find plenty of different types of dog leashes on offer, and it’s important to choose the best one to suit you and your dog. you can see more detailed reviews of our top picks, along with some of our other favorites in our full guide to standard flat dog leashes. read out full guide to retractable dog leashes to learn more about our three favorites along with a range of other great choices. you may also like to choose a double leash with a shock-absorbing bungee design if your dogs often pull on the leash.

don’t hesitate to head over to our full article on chain dog leashes if you need further information or more recommendations. if you don’t have full use of your hands or find it difficult to grip a leash for long periods of time, a hands-free dog leash can allow you to walk your dogs when it otherwise wouldn’t be an option. for instance, you might use a standard flat leash for a trip to the dog park (since your dog can go off-leash once you get there) but prefer a retractable dog leash for walking trails where your dog must be kept on leash. unless you’re buying a long line leash or a retractable dog leash, it’s best to opt for a leash somewhere between 4 foot and 6 foot long.

while there are plenty of advantages to owning a small dog, it can be difficult to find gear that fits your tiny pup. for the best leash for your dog, take time to consider his or her lifestyle, level of activity, and preferences. you should also look for a leash that’s sized correctly for your dog. to help you find the best dog leash for your small dog, i’ve rounded up some great options below that are made for tiny pups—and they’re all under $20. while this leash comes in sizes from small to large, the small size is the one you’ll want to purchase for your pup.

the design allows you to hold the leash and operate the brake button in one hand, while the ergonomic rubber handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip for long durations. a slip-style leash, like this one from dogs my love, is a great purchase for anyone looking to control a small dog who loves to pull. if you have an active pup, you might want to consider buying a hands-free leash like this hands-free leash from buddy system that’s made specifically for small dogs under 20 pounds. the leash itself has an adjustable length that can expand anywhere from 33 to 60 inches, and the handle has a quick release button in case of any emergency. if you have a small breed dog that loves to chew, it can be tricky to find a metal leash that can withstand his gnawing while not being too heavy to tote around. this is durable, comfortable on the wrist and not too heavy for a little dog.”

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