skudo dog crate

made of sturdy and durable plastic, it’s rugged enough for any terrain or ride, whether it’s going on a road trip or just getting to the vet. the carrying handle makes it easy to grab and go, and you can fold it down so you can slide the carrier in the car. you can lock the door with an easy push of a button to keep your pal safely inside. i chose the skudo because it looked very nice and had several good features. i even purchased the roller wheels which were also a snap to install. my doge is very happy in his new crate with plenty of room to move around and stretch out. this was a nice size up for our 20lb dog who was a little too tight in his previous kennel. my dog cracked the plastic and escaped. my dog completely broke out the back after 2 hours of travel. i thank god she was not in the belly of a plane.

the kennel is a perfect size, but the squeeze latch sticks 90% of the time when trying to open or close the door. i have to really work with it for it to finally open/close properly. 27in travel crate worked very well for my 19lb cocker spaniel. the crate had buckles but the included metal bolts secured it for their standards. easy to put together and it has a small storage space on top. we purchased the midwest skudo deluxe plastic dog & cat kennel to bring our home a kitten. we also purchased a really soft bed for it so the kitten would be comfortable on the trip home. was increasingly difficult to put our cats in and out of small carriers to go to vet. this crate is the optimize size – not too big and a wide door. cats seem less stressed too. appreciate the quick delivery!

skudo travel carriers give your dog, cat, or small mammal a safe and cozy place to retreat. use help give your dog, cat or small animal a cozy place to relax at home or during travel. the part of the door that is supposed to remain stationary, keeps falling out of the clasp. i live in louisiana, so my family has to evacuate often due to hurricanes and floods. when we got our new kitten, i needed something comfortable and safe for those long car rides during an evacuation. when it was was time for a vet visit, we got to test it out. i was alone, so i had to drive and couldn’t comfort her. she was in her new kennel this time, and didn’t meow in protest once during the whole trip. my teenage daughter was riding in the back seat with her, and on the way home, our kitty actually climbed in this kennel herself and went to sleep. it was easy to put together and felt very secure. none of the holes lined up and took a screw driver to pierce the holes.

midwest use to have good products. i don’t trust to put my 8lb. this kennel fell apart, the latches did not clip right and i was very dissapointed in it. we went to pick up our new puppu and she ened up on my lap and had to be in my bed at the motel. i hate giving bad reviews but this is really a bad buy. it is well made and very sturdy. we went to pet stores and the kennels were not as sturdy or well-made as this one!! i leave it open so my kittens get used to a kennel….for now they like to play in it….fun to watch. right now i use it to take my cat to the vets. i needed something very lightweight and inexpensive for bringing a new puppy home with a long car ride. this was a great option. once our puppy outgrows, we’ll probably donate to a shelter (or use it for a second puppy, lol).

skudo™ is perfect for a dog or cat and takes the stress away from pet travel perfect for car rides and on the go with fold-down carrying handle that makes it hard sided pet carrier: 27-inch skudo is suitable for small / medium breed dog carrier ideal for dogs with an adult weight 26-35 pounds perfect for car rides skudo plastic pet travel carrier at petsmart. shop all dog carriers & crates online., 27 skudo plastic carrier, 27 skudo plastic carrier, mps dog crate, skudo single door plastic pet carrier, skudo 7.

durable plastic carrier is perfect for a dog, cat, rabbit or other pet and makes going places easier and less stressful. perfect for car rides and on the go buy midwest skudo standard plastic dog & cat kennel, 24-in at free shipping and the best customer service! midwest skudo travel carriers give your dog, cat, or small mammal a safe and cozy place to retreat and serves as a perfect carrier for travel., midwest skudo, skudo 8, skudo 1424sg, skudo 4 dog crate.

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