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but this time, he misjudged his position in the air and came down over the top deck of the 22-foot halfpipe. and so white was forced to take a break from the mountains and head back to los angeles. white applied the same focus to the guitar as he had to snowboarding, and bad things took off. in the years that white had been away from the sport, slopestyle had progressed dramatically, with riders landing tricks that white had never even contemplated when he was winning a decade before. at the time, that was white’s preferred discipline, and when it came time for his run, his rivals, the best snowboarders in the world, gathered to watch on a monitor.

a year and a half earlier, ebersol had lost his youngest son in a plane crash, and his son’s photo was one that white inquired about, even after ebersol explained the tragedy. you’re like, ‘what’s the meaning in anything right now?’ ” when the time came to decide on whether to participate in this year’s olympics, with speculation swirling that white was too old and had too many other obligations, he took the lessons he’d learned in the wake of his burnout in sochi. he joked with barthel and corralled leroy on a few occasions, and he opened his mouth wide to show me the stitches still in his lip. last spring, after a month away from the mountains, but with consistent time in the gym, white came back for a competition and the announcers were joking over the loudspeakers about a 40-year hiatus, because he had been away from the competitive circuit for so long. the weather was brutal, well below zero, and in between nearly every run white and thomas would head into the lodge to warm up.

the injury was so gruesome that white’s coach, former olympic snowboarder j.j. thomas, who was filming the training how does 3x gold medalist shaun white spend his day? white focuses on training smarter, regaining what is your health philosophy? i always set obtainable goals. don’t stop eating bread, just eat a little less. trying to, . [u’ When it comes to eating protein-rich snacks during the Games, White says, “I usually eat a pretty big steak the night before I compete.” And althought years of international travel have made him an open-minded and adventurous eater, Americanized Chinese food is his go-to indulgence.Feb 8, 2014

shaun white notes the type of strength needed for snowboarding is different from many other sports, in that for those that don’t know, shaun white is an olympic snowboarder. he was born in the san diego he’s the undisputed king of snowboarding, and we talked to him about training, who’s hot in,

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