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in season 11 episode 13 aj crook and brett maiolfi appeared on shark tank seeking for $100,000 for 25% of their dog food seasoning, shake it pup. i find it strange that i placed my order in march, and it’s july and not a word. this was my 3rd order, my 1st i got in 8 days and received 5 or 6 emails. placed my 3rd order and only got an email from cooper (the dog). so i started researching and now i see amazon doesn’t have any of their products available and don’t know if or when they would be getting any more in. maybe somebody needs to check again. this snagwag maybe should make a statement. maybe $38 isn’t much, but you are messing with my dogs.

it looks like this deal didn’t close with mark but the original founders are still involved and the company is still listed as active. it’s been a year now since my order was placed and i still haven’t received it – spent $60 that i can’t even get back and i truly wanted this product for my dogs. i got a response that it would be 2 weeks. who can i contact to make this right? i would guess there are a lot of people out money that mr crook and maiolfi benefitted from without supplying product to those customers. i ordered this the night it was on shark tank & although there was a shipping delay, the company stayed in constant contact. in the company’s defense, my dog is a incredibly picky eater. i finally gave all of it to a neighbor for her pug.

they created snap wag, a small batch, craft dog food business, in 2016. they wanted to offer dog owners the best in taste and nutrition for their pets. in order to spice things up a bit for their canine customers, they developed shake-it-pup, easy to use, dry dog food seasoning for use on any dog food. the seasonings are human food grade flavorings that add taste and nutrition to dog food. simply sprinkle a little seasoning on dry or wet dog food, add a little water (or not), and watch your best friend devour their food. each 4.5 ounce bottle of seasoning costs $12.99 and you can buy them on amazon or the company website. will a shark think this deal has the right flavor? the sharks know people will spend money on their pets and they appear interested. the guys want a shark’s help to help with inventory and with finding a co-packer.

kevin thinks they have issues with their marketing and he offers $100,000 for 50%. mark offers $100,000 for 25% and touts his successful dog food company, wild earth. the shark tank blog constantly provides updates and follow-ups about entrepreneurs who have appeared on the shark tank tv show. the deal with mark did not close, but there is something fishy going on. brett maiolfi rebranded the company to snap wag, a company he’s listed as owning since 2016. the company is out of business and no longer sells on amazon, they have no functioning web site or social media as of october, 2021. even brett’s snap wag site is dark. shark tank blog is independent of and not affiliated or endorsed by abc, sony, the producers or any other company associated with the television show, shark tank. views expressed on this blog are solely owned by the author individually and not that of shark tank blog or principles of shark tank blog. most of the complaints come from people who ordered the product and had their credit cards charged without authorization for as much as $109! the so-called “biggest deal in shark tank history” is a total scam.

the ultimate dog food seasoning sampler flight – 10-bottle flight handcrafted with 100% human-grade, gourmet ingredients – wild-caught salmon, free-range bacon, all-natural dog food seasonings for gourmet flavor, improved nutrition, and more exciting meals! available on amazon prime and: more camera effects. more in season 11 episode 13 aj crook and brett maiolfi appeared on shark tank seeking for $100,000 for 25% of their dog food seasoning, shake it pup, dog food seasoning shark tank, dog food seasoning shark tank, snap wag net worth, snap wag dog food.

$11.99. at shake it pup, our goal is to revitalize the mealtime experience for dogs by providing their humans with an easy, inexpensive, and fun way to improve their food. so, that’s what we’re doing. the shake it pup seasonings come in ten flavors: bae’con and eggs, barkin bbq, slammin salmon, turkey feast, pizza my heart, peanut butter belly, shake it pup! dog food seasoning is formulated with your dog’s palate in mind. dogs experiencing ‘meal boredom’ can be tantalized with this 3. shake it pup is a seasoning to pour on your dog’s food to give it a new taste. it is human grade food which will make your dog happy, .

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