fearful dog rehabilitation

with the help of a great force-free trainer, it is possible that your dog’s fears can be alleviated, but even if your dog never becomes that social butterfly you hoped for, know that that’s nothing to be ashamed of. you should always be learning about the latest science-based training techniques to deal with your dog’s particular issues, and it can help immensely to work with a reputable trainer. it may not be the life full of dog parks and house …

puppy sitter near me

a pet-sitter can make a brief visit during the day to provide snacks, playtime or affection, or stay at your house for one or more nights to tend to your pet. prices for pet-sitting will vary based on length of the visit. prices will also be affected by where you live in the country. your home is more likely to stay safe and you won’t have to wrangle the kitty into a kennel to travel with you.