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there just wasn’t enough room for all of them and with the threat of euthanasia looming there was a desperate need for foster families. i say for the first time ever, because while we have considered it a million times over, it’s not a decision to take lightly when you already have pets, when you travel a fair amount and you know yourselves well enough to know there is a high probability that any animal you take in, may never leave. the coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, a medium-length long chain fatty acid that has been shown to support healthy immune function and fight infection, it can decreases inflammation systemically but as an anti-inflammatory it’s also really great for the skin, especially if your pooch is prone to hot spots, itchy skins, or skin allergies (pro-tip, you can also use coconut oil topically on your pup).

omega-3s can also be beneficial for joint mobility and reduced inflammation of the joints, so it may be a great option for older dogs that struggle with arthritis, to help alleviate symptoms. so if i make these treats for her — do you think it’s a large enough amount of pumpkin to help with the poop issue? baking now, and i guess the test is with the pup……but i won’t make these again. coconut flour is highly absorbent, so if your dough was crumbly and dry, it is possible you added too much coconut flour or mis-measured or your eggs were on the smaller side and the liquid ratio was off.

this easy homemade salmon dog treat recipe is about as simple (and smelly!) these “stinky pinky” salmon dog treats are super simple to make and doggone delicious! here’s the recipe plus details on how we make our mini circle training treats. our dogs love fish treats in all forms. hehehe… as a helpful tip for coffee drinkers, you can pop some spend grounds on the baking tray and put it back into the oven when your done to help clear the air. once cool, they’re still good-to go for normal disposal, including your worm farm or compost if you like using coffee grounds in the garden. as a bonus, the small circle shape holds up well even in pocket treat bags or my running wristlet. the treat bags pictured in this post are homemade drawstring bags, and in the years since i’ve made new pocket dog treat bags with waterproof liners.

although our tinned salmon is naturally a pale pink, by the tine it’s made into dough and treats it’s more of a beige. since i had the nickname stinky pinky for these treats on the brain whilst baking, i added some beetroot powder to the mixture to pep up the pink. see our dog treat tinting post for other ideas and tips. you can use most water-packed tinned fish relatively interchangeably in dog treat recipes, including tuna or sardines. you can compensate for this with a little extra water or flour when you are mixing the dough to your desired consistency. even tiger was keen for a sniff of these stinky pinky salmon dog treats. if you have a feline in the furfamily, you can check out tiger’s post on crafts and diys for cool kitties for more ideas and recipe links. you can explore from our treat navigation page, hop straight into our homemade dog treat ideas in the blog archives, search the blog from our sidebar, or use the labels below this post to find other recipes that might be of interest. we share ideas here from treats that we make ourselves for our pets, but different animals will have different preferences (likes/dislikes) and dietary needs.

blue buffalo wilderness trail treats wild bits high protein grain free soft-moist training dog treats, salmon recipe 10-oz bag. purebites salmon is proudly sourced & made in the usa and is high in protein with on average 8 calories per treat. purebites are made using a delicate freeze pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. combine the salmon and tuna in a medium bowl. no need to drain. add the beaten eggs followed by the flour. stir, salmon dog treats homemade, salmon dog treats homemade, salmon dog training treats, natural salmon dog treats, soft salmon dog treats.

ingredients 1 can salmon (juices included) 2 cups flour (we made oat flour from rolled oats in the food processor) 2 eggs optional: you can add a squirt of target/pets/dog supplies/salmon : dog treats (19)‎. shopping same day delivery? try our dedicated shopping experience. share this 1½ cups coconut flour 1 cup canned wild caught salmon, drained* (i used wholefoods 365 canned sockeye salmon) ½ cup coconut oil, melted, but not, salmon dog treats made in usa, best salmon dog treats, dehydrated salmon dog treats, salmon treats for dogs with allergies.

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