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for the first few years of his life, my wife and i called our dog omar “the rug” because he would lie down when other dogs approached and couldn’t wait to greet and play with them. “it is sort of embarrassing to be out in public and feel like your dog is misbehaving,” says kate senisi, certified professional dog trainer and director of training and behavior and co-founder of school for the dogs in new york city. so if you can catch any inkling of it at the beginning or early on, that’s the best time to get hold of it.” this can be tough on a busy city sidewalk, but try to reduce the opportunity your dog has to “practice” the offending behavior. “if a dog is staring at something, and you call their name, and they’re not able to disengage, that means they’re getting close to that zone,” she says.

getting your dog to make eye contact with you is one alternative behavior. it’s got to be something where the dog is like, ‘you know what? a trainer can help you identify the source of the behavior, and whether your dog is frustrated, fearful or aggressive, and adapt their methods accordingly. “one of the challenges that’s hard to overcome is helping clients understand that their dog is always training,” senisi stresses.

the point of this monster-sized article is to organize that information and give you a clear path to follow. and on the days when you hate your dog (and there will be those days), it helps to remember that this sucks for her, too. especially if you want to diy it and not use the services of a good dog trainer. we’re referring to you and your dog as a team. training may appear to “work” on the surface by creating a dog who is passive and subdued, but the dog is actually more upset with no ability to show it. i used to use both aversives and rewards in dog training, called “balanced training.” i was a loyal defender of prong collars back in the day. you’re going to work at this sub-threshold point 100% of the time in the training process. for reactivity rehab to work, you need a foundation of training that builds your dog’s ability to engage with you and listen despite distractions.

frequently hitting threshold means the dog is living in a constant state of stress. this is a helpful management trick to have in your toolbelt. and do that in places where, as best you can manage, they won’t run into a lot of triggers. if it’s not possible to take your dog for frequent low-trigger adventures, you can still provide a lot of exercise and entertainment at home. in the first level of this training game, you reward the dog for looking at the trigger. this step-by-step plan will show you how to teach a crazy, out-of-control dog to calm himself down and gain some impulse control. but if that isn’t working for you, or if you consider yourself to be a dog nerd (one of us! this article is aimed at dog professionals, but it’s a great example of how different approaches work for different dogs. courses, virtual coaching, and other resources to help you navigate the challenge & adventure of life with your dogs.

reactive dog training can be challenging. check out our tips for leash-reactivity and learn how to help reactive dogs calm down. reactivity: reactivity is commonly confused with aggression. dogs that are reactive overreact to certain stimuli or situations. genetics, lack of socialization, one of the best ways to tackle your dog’s reactivity is learning from certified trainers on how to stop this behavior., .

prevent bad habits before they become habits learn the signals to prevent the reaction teach an alternative behavior if possible, work with a reactivity training involves working in potentially distracting, high-stress environments. for reactivity rehab to work, you need a foundation of training that plan your training sessions for a time of day when you’ll have high traffic past your window. if there is no such time, convince several of your, .

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