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while all three types have their specific benefits, dehydrated and freeze-dried treats are the go-to rewards for most situations of your canine companion’s life. especially single ingredient treats made of premium quality meat, poultry or fish are highly enticing and may offer additional benefits, like the support of the dental health of your dog. entirely raw dog treats have three key disadvantages: handling, perishability and the risk of contamination with pathogens. fresh meat, and even more so for poultry or fish, have a shelf life of a few days at best when stored in a refrigerator. our recommendations for the best raw dog treats sourced and made in the usa cover beef, chicken, fish and turkey as protein sources, as well as dog training treats as an additional category. all recommendations are single-ingredient, raw dehydrated treats made of premium quality meat, poultry or fish. however, chicken feet are rich in protein, and naturally high in chondroitin and glucosamine, which support joint health and mobility. they are also great for your dog’s gum and dental health, as they naturally clean your canine’s teeth as they gnaw.another benefit is that dehydrated chicken feet can be given to dogs of all sizes, from toy breeds to xxl-sized dogs like great danes.

beef liver is also a great source of the minerals iron and zinc. the meat of grass-fed and pasture-raised cattle is significantly higher in nutrients than that of their conventionally raised counterparts. this turkey jerky for dogs is extremely lean and high in protein. hearty bites™ are little cubes of dehydrated beef heart. their small size is perfect for dog training, as it causes little to no distraction for a dog to eat and swallow a single treat. this makes them suitable for dogs of almost all sizes and life stages. hearty bites™ are also highly enticing and rewarding, which makes them an attractive treat for easily distracted dogs, and specialized dog training situations like nose work. these dried beef meat cubes don’t smell or crumble, and they aren’t greasy either. dehydrated and freeze-dried treats are the recommended go-to rewards for most situations in your canine companion’s life.

if you’re looking for the best raw dog treats to buy, we have just what you need. what you give your dog as a treat depends a lot on what the treat is for. for a large, powerful dog, get a dense, chunky piece of antler that will stand up better to hard chewing. if your dog is a particularly aggressive chewer, go for the thickest size buffalo horn you can get. again, a word of caution for those of you whose dogs wolf down their food: don’t leave your dog unattended with any food. by holding one end your dog will have to chew the treat and not just gulp it down.

however, if you like the idea of doing some fun nose work activities with your dog (see how in this article), get some tripe sticks. they come in different sizes, so if you plan to get one for your dog, get the right size. all of the above goodies are great for giving them a special treat, but what about raw treats for dog training? i make liver strips which are very easy to break into small pieces with your hands – this makes it perfect for dog training without getting messy hands! again, store bought raw dog treats are quite expensive, so if you want to watch the pennies, try making your own chicken jerky – you can find full instructions here. the best dog treats for raw diets depends partly on what the treat is for – a night time ‘biscuit’ or little training treats for example. get access to hundreds of hours of video classes, ebooks, special events and live sessions, covering most aspects of dog training and behaviour: affiliate disclosure: as an associate with amazon and other companies, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases.

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