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i say it over and over and over again, and i’m going to continue to say it. you can literally teach them basically anything you can teach a dog. but perhaps the most incredible trick of all is that rats can be potty trained. you’re going to save time; you’re not going to have to do a daily litter clean on a daily basis and you’re going to be saving some serious cash because soiled bedding won’t have to be removed and replaced quite as often, either. so… let’s learn how to litter train a rat. and since you have a box in every corner, they’re always going to get it right. lots of rat owners say to praise your rat, and you can definitely do this… i’m sure they love the compliments!

i’m guessing you probably don’t want to stay up all through the night to tell your rat you’re proud of them. but if you do, go for it! you really just want to be sure to make it easier for them so that they can be successful on their own. or, if they’re having free roam time outside of their cage, be able to find their litter box and potty there, rather than on your carpet. getting your rats to poop in the litter box will probably be easier than getting them to pee there, especially if you have males who think they absolutely must mark everything. if your rat poops anywhere other than the litter box, use something disposable to scoop it up and put it in the litter box. you can keep the litter box they do use in the same location, or move it, whatever is your preference. once your rats are completely potty trained, you’re going to feel much better.

there is no one answer – it depends partly on the sex (boys have a distinct, although not unpleasant smell), partly on how often the owner cleans them out, and partly on how well they take to litter training. i have a new 4-month-old boy here who does all his toileting in the litter tray with no training at all. personally, i use a combination of small animal litter trays designed for cage corners and cheap plastic rectangular cat litter trays which cost a few dollars at the local supermarket. this should be different from the substrate used on the cage floor and in digging boxes, as the rats need to associate it only with their toilet areas. if you already have rats, work out where they are toileting in their cage, and put the litter tray(s) there. if they don’t get the idea, i use a piece of tissue to move misplaced poo into the litter trays. rats are usually quite clean animals and they have toilet areas in the wild, so they want to put all their poo in one place.

litter training rats to poo in a tray is fairly simple. my rats have free access to their cage during playtime and usually go back in to use their litter trays. if you have to free-range your rats away from their cage, then a litter tray on the floor will often work if they are used to having one in their cage. a rat might sleep in their litter tray just because they find it comfortable. food is often eaten and stored in litter trays because they smell – it marks the territory and the food out as theirs. my female dumbo, sweetp has just had 8 babies they are now 14 days old and i am going to go straight onto toilet training next week. welcome to animallama, a place where experienced small pet owners share all the pet care tips they learned over the years of caring for their fur friends.

1. start by putting temporary litter boxes in every corner of your rat’s cage. yep, every corner. your rats will naturally go potty in a corner 1-48 of 412 results for “rat litter box” lixit corner litter pan for ferrets, rabbits, rats, guinea pigs and other small animals. the first thing you need is one or more litter trays. how many depends on how big your cage is, and where your rats like to toilet. i usually, rat litter size, rat litter size, pee rock for rats, rat litter pellets, why does my rat sleep in the litter box.

1. offer many litter boxes. cages can sometimes be quite large, so having only one litter box to start despite their small size, pet rats possess a very high level of intelligence. with their clever minds, rats know when you’ve arrived home, come when called a good technique to use is to pick your rats up while they’re sleeping and place them inside a litter box. rats usually need to urinate as soon as they awaken., how long does it take to litter train a rat, rat litter meaning, how to litter train rats reddit, training rats.

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