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if you’ve always thought that lettuce and carrots are enough to feed a bunny, you’d be wrong! keep these facts in mind and you’ll find it is easy to keep your rabbit healthy and happy with the right diet. here is the lowdown on the “good, the bad, and the never, ever” foods for rabbits. the right combination of hay, vegetables, pellets, and treats will make pet bunnies very happy and healthy, control the growth of their teeth, and keep them satisfied. easy access to water should always be available. some foods are difficult for rabbits to digest or cause tooth or tummy problems, or add calories and cause weight gains but are of no nutritional value.

aside from having unlimited access to hay and water, your bunny should be fed twice a day, preferably at times a rabbit would naturally like to graze and forage: morning and late afternoon or evening. that way they will be less inclined to chew on your personal or household objects or unsafe things, which they will do if they can get their teeth on them. this will force your pet to stand on his or her hind legs to reach them, which is good exercise. scatter greens or the daily ration of pellets around the cage or the room, and hide some food under boxes, or wrap it in brown paper, or tuck it inside a cardboard tube with shredded paper stuffed in the ends so that bunny has to hunt for some of his food. bunnies thrive on good rabbit food that caters to their unique digestive systems. remember the “good, the bad, and the never, ever” feeding rules and you will have a happy, healthy little bunny.

rabbits are smart, active and so full of mischief. caring for a bunny requires the right rabbit supplies, like a variety of food for a balanced diet. and we’ve got the perfect option for rabbits that you’ll need to keep your friend happy, healthy and fit. so shop balance and buy balance; give your rabbit a rabbity life with our awesome food. direct to your door at the click of a button. you won’t regret it. they have complex needs and digestive systems, and these things require the right diet. rabbit hay should make up about 80% of the diet. rabbits need a diet rich in hay and greens because these foods are rich in the nutrients they need to keep them healthy. only choose a high-quality timothy-hay based pellet. these mixes may look appealing, but they don’t have the nutrients your rabbit deserves.

pellets should account for the smallest part of the diet. while pellets aren’t necessary if you’re providing your rabbit with a diet rich in hay and greens, if your bunny loves them, you can feed 1/8 cup for a medium-sized rabbit once per day. it’s the honest to goodness truth. we want to keep those digestive systems moving. plus, rabbit hay helps buns satisfy the natural urge to chew, and encourages their love of foraging and grazing. and that’s a good thing. a rabbit should always have access to fresh water in a clean suspension bottle. there are tons of options. just make sure you do your homework before offering the rabbit food. a rabbit’s diet is all about balance. the rabbit supplies you buy your bun matter. balance = healthy.

your rabbit should eat grass hay, like kaytee natural timothy hay daily. some good choices are timothy, orchard, oat hay and brome. rabbit a feeding guide for bunnies hay – body–sized amount of 100% grass hay per day vegetables – head-sized amount or 1-2 cups per day pellets – rabbit hay should make up about 80% of the diet. the other 20% should come from fresh greens and pellets. remember though, pellets should only be used as, rabbit food vegetables, rabbit food vegetables, rabbit food chart, rabbit food at home, rabbit food grass.

oxbow animal health western timothy hay – all natural hay for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, hamsters & gerbils a pack of fiber-rich what kind of food is best for rabbits? rabbits need a balanced diet of hay, fresh greens, a little fruit, and a few pellets. veterinarian dr susan brown pick up rabbit food and hay from petco for your small pet. browse gourmet bunny options food including pellet mixes, variety packs,, rabbit food natural, rabbit food petsmart, rabbit food amazon, rabbit food near me.

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