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toy, miniature, and standard poodles are all the same breed of dog, so they’ll look more or less the same—except for their size. they tend to consider themselves a vital part of the family, have strong personalities, and learn things in a flash. toy poodles are devoted family pets who love to be the center of attention, learn tricks, and take walks. poodles of all sizes make great therapy dogs, and toy poodles in particular will love sitting near you for hours at a time.

no breed is perfect, and for poodles the biggest setback is going to be their grooming needs. because toy varieties have the same number of teeth as other poodle varieties but their mouths are smaller, it’s easy for food to get trapped and decay to occur rapidly. toy poodles tend to consider themselves a vital part of the family, have strong personalities, and learn things in a flash. toy poodles began to see favor by the late 18th century, appearing in artwork and in the courts of french aristocracy.

helping you to decide whether the toy poodle is the right puppy for your family and lifestyle. poodles in the toy category grow to a maximum of 10 inches at the shoulder. and it is not that unusual to hear of a 17 or 18 year old toy poodle. the toy poodle puppy cut for example, is a short ‘all-over’ cut that gives your puppy and easy to manage coat of 1-2 inches in length. and if all this makes you think the that a corded coat might be the way to go, bear in mind they are the highest maintenance coat of all to keep clean. a toy sized poodle should be like a best friend who thinks all your ideas are excellent and wants to join in without fuss. the last thing you want is a little dog that is scared of children and snappy as a consequence. a huge retrospective study of dogs diagnosed with cataracts between 1964 and 2003 found that just over 10% of poodles in the toy group have cataracts, compared to just over 3% of the dog population overall. this is a rather umbrella term which can refer to a broad spectrum of conditions and symptoms. worried that a pedigree toy poodle breeder is the wrong place to find a family pet?

we’ve broken down the cost of a poodle puppy for you, so you know what to expect. teacup poodle breeders are likely to be compromising the welfare of their dogs in order to achieve those smaller sizes. ???? looking a toy poodle for my mother she just lost her bundle of joy a few months ago at first she said she didn’t think she would be able to train another one but after a short while i saw her looking for a poodle again i live in the richmond virginia area please notify me if you have a poodle that needs a great home i am in pa, and i am looking for a small toy poodle puppy. are we taking to big of a step? i have two dogs and the vet bills for just routine care is $2000 a year. i have two toy poodles from the same litter and there bond is to me than to each other its not that they don’t love each other they run and play , hunt and a little comparison but when there done its all me. we are about to purchase a toy poodle within days. please let me know of a good toy poodle in miami fl,i have had three of them and they are the best!! toy poodle is definitely our pick of small dogs due to their trainability and love of the family. he is never sick and the only time he sees the vet is for shots every year. are you aware of your dog’s breeder by chance and is your poodle still red…?

toy poodle standing in three-quarter view. two toy poodles sitting side by at dog shows, poodles are usually seen in the elaborate continental clip. intelligent, fun-loving, and adorable, toy poodles are some of the best family dogs in the world. dog size. extra large (101 lbs. or more) the toy poodle dog breed is the smallest version of the poodle dog. toy poodle puppies are intelligent, active, social, friendly and might, toy poodle puppy for sale, toy poodle puppy for sale, toy poodle lifespan, toy poodle weight kg.

daily brushing and regular grooming is needed every 6-8 weeks to keep her coat beautiful. toy poodles often have serious problems with their teeth, so you’ll need to brush them at least three times a week! she is well suited to apartment life as long as she is given daily walks and short play sessions. toy poodle lifespan toy poodles have an average life expectancy of 16 years, with the range being 14-18 years. as a very small dog, toy poodles are lucky to have a long lifespan if you care well for them. they are very healthy small dogs that often enjoy daily exercise and games of fetch even in old age. unlike the standard and miniature poodle, the toy poodle size and weight are much smaller. toy poodles cap out at 10 inches in height, and they typically weigh between 6-10 pounds. a toy poodle’s coat can be curly or wavy, and feel wiry or soft. in general, smaller dogs live slightly longer lives than larger ones; they age a bit slower and for this reason toy poodles and minis are often declared to be a senior by the 8 or 9 year old mark. standard poodles become seniors earlier, often by the 7 year old mark. the toy poodle stands up to 10 inches tall, and weighs about six to nine pounds. the miniature poodle stands 11 to 15 inches tall and weighs 15 to 17 pounds. toy poodle (10 mph) 1 year – toy poodles are considered to be adults at 1 year old. 18 months – miniatures will be considered an adult at 18 months old. 2 years – the standard poodle will now be considered an adult. 7 years – the standard will be considered a senior by most veterinarians and geriatric screenings should begin. toy poodle puppies for sale! these fluffy toy poodle puppies are intelligent, affectionate, and energetic. they are excellent companions. toy poodles are the ultimate companion dogs. they really know how to strut their stuff, in and out of the ring. don’t even think about excluding a poodle from in 1886, the poodle was recognized by the american kennel club (akc). since then, the toy poodle has retained its popularity, and all three sizes are among the, . daily maintenance keeps your pet well-groomed and mat-free.daily brushing. brush your poodle every day to remove loose hair, dirt and mats. bathing. a poodle requires professional grooming every six to eight weeks. rinsing. rinse your poodle thoroughly. fluff-drying. clipper and scissor training.

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