potato cat

a year ago, struggling with birth defects, potato was left at a shelter when her breeder found her too much to handle, medically. when potato was dropped off at the mspca animal care and adoption center, she was in bad shape. “she was covered in urine and feces. and she’s blind,” alyssa krieger of the mspca, and potato’s foster mom, told the dodo. i was having trouble breathing and walking and i was bumping in to things. lots of different vets looked at me to see how they could help! with lots of help, medical care, love, and understanding, potato was doing much better. alyssa, the stumpy kitty’s foster mom, started her an instagram page and the response was overwhelming.

that’s when holly, potato’s new mom, found her, and knew instantly that potato was meant to be her kitty. but with lots of understanding and love, it wasn’t long before potato made herself right at home. even with all her struggles, this tiny stumpy cat doesn’t let anything get her down! while potato’s disabilities make it uncomfortable for her to be picked up, she loves being brushed with her tiny comb and is a big fan of belly rubs. it took her new mom a while to get potato comfortable enough to snuggle. “the thing i love about cats and rescue cats, in particular, is you have to earn their trust and love,” writes holly on instagram. she might be blind, but her big brother has a hard time sneaking past this feisty little potato! ❤️???????? #spicyspud #pepperjack #friskypotato #freshy #littlebutfierce #tinybutmighty #heistauntingher #specialspud #adoptdontshop #blindcat #specialneedscat #dwarfcat #catsofinstagram #thedodo #tinycatdoingcatthings #littlepotatothatcould #bittysmalls #ittybittykitty airplane travel can be stressful.

however, as his social media presence started to climb, ashley noticed that potato, now five, from the u.s. was getting more and more mentions about his ‘different’ eyes. his naturally googly eyes gives the kitty a constantly-startled expression and has drawn comparisons to wiggly eye stickers.

after being adopted by ashley norlien, 21, two years ago, the owner couldn’t help but snap and upload photographs of her new pet however, as his social media presence started to climb, ashley noticed that potato, now five, was getting more and more mentions about his ‘different’ eyes one post explains how potato ‘really enjoys laying around on the floor (usually in the way) relaxing all day, he sleeps in his little bed every night but just seems to really enjoy being sprawled out on on the floor during the day. ‘as soon as i got him, i started uploading pictures online, and people immediately noticed there was something different about his eyes.

potato is a munchkin cat, a breed of cat bred for a genetic mutation that results in short, stubby legs. munchkins are often born with birth amateur instagram cat model and entrepreneur. scottsdale, az. fan art ❤️’s profile picture. fan art ❤️. potato 2020’s profile picture. potato 2020. potato! here to offer the world a moment of calm and cute. toys drop at noon today (east coast time) ❤️ ok after yesterdays kitty rescue., .

a cat with huge bulging eyes has taken the internet by storm thanks to his unique appearance. advertisement. potato was adopted by his owner potato, stumpy cat, was born with a list of troubling medical conditions. she was found to have joint and spine malformation, difficulty breathing due potato the cat doesn’t look like the other feline furkids in his neighborhood and it’s exactly that uniqueness that has had him winning the, .

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