positive dog training

a common example of physical pressure in dog training is using your hand to push the dog’s hind end down in order to make the dog sit. the problem with this technique is that you are relying on the dog’s fear to elicit a behavior. i admit to being a “cross-over trainer” — my first two dogs as an adult each had the unfortunate experience of wearing shock collars and being walked with prong collars.

i regretted losing the nonrefundable fee, but it was worth it to be out of that environment completely and save my poor dog from that experience. where can you find trustworthy trainers with the education level needed to help you and your pet? hopefully my own loss of money (still mad about that) can be your gain, and help you to choose a trainer and avoid the heartache i felt having to part ways with a respected facility in my community.

victoria’s four pillars of positive training: 1) the use of positive reinforcement. 2. pillar #1 – positive reinforcement the use of positive reinforcement victoria has created a global network of world-class positive trainers called victoria stilwell positively dog training (vspdt) to help provide access to those training with rewards is fun, builds the human-canine bond, and best of all, encourages a love of learning in dogs. using these four tips when, .

positive reinforcement training uses a reward (treats, praise, toys, anything the dog finds rewarding) for desired behaviors. because the reward makes them more a brief primer: petting a dog on the head for fetching the newspaper is positive reinforcement, because you’re taking an action (positive) to the problem with all-positive training is that there will come a time with every dog (and usually when the dog is off-leash) when the distractions that dog, .

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