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get ready to rock your dog’s world—and their sniffer—with irresistible playology dog toys inspired by the science of scent and enhanced with the smells dogs crave. shop petco to find playology toys made with encapsiscent technology and embedded with millions of microbeads containing the smells dogs love—beef, peanut butter, bacon and more—in classic and colorful shapes that squeak, bounce and tug. make playtime more fun, engaging and enticing with playology toys, instead of relying on fattening treats. that means every tug-of-war yields tons of exciting scents for your dog and less slimy slobber for you. playology bones are perfect for moderate or heavy chewers, featuring dual-level construction for a soft and chewy outside and a hard and durable inside. chewers of all kinds will love to chase playology balls upgraded with squeak, scent and extra durability. they’re available in the same great smell options as standard playology toys. on we’ll match the online advertised price for these key competitors:,,,,, and make sure the product you would like to price match is identical to our competitor’s product.

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crafted from durable, dog-safe materials, this toy allows you and your paw-tner to take fetch to the next level. not only is it great for playing in the backyard or park, but since it’s designed to float, your dog can also have fun with this playology toy in the pool, pond, lake or even at the beach! this toy is suitable for canine companions of all ages and comes in a variety of mouthwatering scents (sold separately). discontinue use if the toy is damaged. this is about the only chew toy we have found that can hold up to our little terror, lol. our dog is still chewing this toy but since she tore out the squeaky part, she doesn’t work on it for hours and hours, just about an hour is all now. he played with them for about 5 minutes and then left them, the scents did not matter to him. i contacted company and they are sending different toys to see if he likes them my german shepherd loves this toy. but it’s his favorite thing!

this bone is her chew of choice out of all her bones. a month later of daily chewing, this toy is still going strong. it’s a great product and my dog jellybean loves it so much compared to the other toys she has, she would constantly bring it up to me to pretend to give it to me but wouldn’t this is called a chew stick and is rated for moderate chewers but my puppy started picking pieces off of it literally within the first minute of chewing. would not recommend this as a toy unless your dog is an extremely light chewer. she was already ripping little bits of toy off the edge in less than an hour. she loves to chew it but she can break off little pieces the product description stated for moderate chewers. he had pieces chewed off the ends within :05. we never found the pieces. we just chose the wrong product this time. i have an american staffordshire terrier (large breed dog) and he loves these, no they’re not indestructible but they can take a chewing & last, we feel they are the best chew toy we’ve come across & very much worth the cost of the toy. i’ve even gotten as a gift for the dogs at our local shelter.

the playology dual layer bone dog toy features an enticing scent and a unique, dual layer, ridged design that gives your dog a safe and satisfying chewing experience much like they would have in the wild. it is suitable for all ages and ideal for moderate and heavy chewers.u2026xa0more g chewing experience much like they would have in the wild. it is suitable for all ages and ideal for moderate and heavy chewers. u2026xa0more more dogs experience the world through scent. so, we embedded the all-natural scents that dogs love in each toy. packed with the delicious smells they can’t to take advantage of their keen sense of smell, playology® dog toys release tiny scent particles with every chew. made from dog-safe materials, find a get ready to rock your dog’s world—and their sniffer—with irresistible playology dog toys inspired by the science of scent and enhanced with, scented dog toys, scented dog toys, playology bone, best scented dog toys.

built with a hard inner core, a chewy outer layer, and encapsiscent technology, this toy mimics the texture of a real bone and is embedded with an all-natural playology squeaky dog toy – engaging all-natural scented dog toys for small, medium & large dogs – interactive & tough non-toxic chew toys target/pets/dog supplies/playology : dog toys (15)‎. shopping same day delivery? try our dedicated shopping experience., .

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