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but it’s incredibly convenient to send your dog to their bed whenever you need them out from underfoot. so, how do you teach your dog to relax and stay in their place until released? imagine cooking dinner without your dog hovering around. sending your dog to their place is also a wonderful way to tackle problem behaviors like jumping on guests or begging at the table. for example, when the doorbell rings, ask your dog to go to their place. although you can use a crate for this exercise, if you choose a portable bed or mat you can more easily use the behavior anywhere. move the mat from room to room around your house or take it with you when you travel. your dog should love their crate, bed, or mat.

you can also boost your dog’s love of their place by providing special items there. for example, if you’re going to give your dog a chew bone or new toy, present it on the bed or mat. before you start training your dog to go to their place, be sure they already know how to lie down. your dog should stay in their place until you give the release word. you can train this behavior with shaping or luring. the following steps will help you train your dog to go to their place: most dogs will progress through these steps quickly. and don’t forget to train in different rooms of the house to help your dog generalize the behavior. in no time, you’ll have a practical method of keeping your dog out of your way and your dog will have a special place to relax.

teaching your dog the place command is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself and your dog. the good news is that you don’t need a lot of tools to teach the place command to your dog. you can even use the scale at the vet’s clinic as a place with a boundary where your dog needs to go and stay. once your dog masters the command in that kind of environment, you can then move on to areas of more distractions.

as soon as you’ve rewarded your dog for going to their place, you can then use the release word to release them. when you first begin, you’ll have your dog stay in place for just a few seconds before giving him the release word and rewarding him for his good behavior. before you change locations, you’ll want to make sure your dog has a good understanding of the place command and that he is able to relax even with distractions present. teaching your dog the place command is one of the best ways to make life much easier and less stressful for both you and your dog.

show your dog the mat or bed and click and reward any attention toward it, such as sniffing or standing on it. continue to shape your dog’s behavior until they simply put, the place command will teach your dog to settle down no matter what is happening. basically, it gives your dog a job to do instead start off by standing close to the bed or mat that will serve as your dog’s place. give the command “place,” and then use a treat to lure the, dog training place board, dog training place board, place for dogs, dog place training mat, place training cot.

now that your dog knows they need to wait for a release cue, you can teach them what “place” means. start by leading your dog to the cot and rewarding them with start by ringing the doorbell, then say “place,” and give your dog a treat when she goes to the cot. eventually, you can drop the word “place” and start just training go to place get a mat, blanket, dog bed, or towel – one that your dog has not seen before – and examine it as if it were the most, dog training place bed, how long should a dog stay in place, how to teach your dog to stay in place, dog place board.

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