petmate cat carrier

this standard crate is ideal for travel and housetraining, providing easy and versatile access, safety and ventilation. the securely-latched steel front and top doors help with easy in-and-out access. it fits my fat cats well and they are comfortable as can be in a plastic cage. i like the dual openings and it’s easy to disassemble and put back. their small is the medium of this one, so they are up one size. this one can barely even fit my small rabbit comfortably, so i’m disappointed. now we wrap him in a blanket and place him in the carrier through the top opening. i’ve had cats all my life. this is the nicest carrier ive ever owned. the top load is so much easier and it’s a very good quality and i feel completely safe using it. you’ll be glad you did. this cat carrier is exactly what i was looking for!

a very good value for the price and everything i was looking for! it measures as a medium at 18x12x13….. this is ridiculous. i am so upset i was so excited for this item for only it to be awful and the door is so small this is not for a medium sized dog. my vets love the top door for cats. the door is a tad smaller than the old cage this size so not as good for a chubby dog (westie). this 2 door kennel was and still is one of the best purchases i made for my 2 little kitties. they both fit very comfortably and they like the carrier so much that they still sleep in it together. after i got them home i took the front gate off so that they can freely use it anytime, and they love it and so do i. thanks guys … awesome product. they were not sturdy enough for my 14-pound cat. this carrier is made from heavier plastic, and is much more sturdy. i ended up getting this kennel because my cats were afraid of the more flexible carriers i have. my vet recommended getting a carrier that i can leave in their room with a blanket inside so they can begin to feel more comfortable.. i couldn’t do that with my flexible carrier! having 2 opening is so helpful as my cats get used to their carrier!

you and your pet will travel in style with petmate’s soft sided kennels. the exterior rear pocket allows you to bring all your pet’s essentials. be sure to check with your airline well in advance of your travels to learn about their individual requirements. actually ordered the smaller size and it was too small for my cat cindy. great carrier for my cat. it allows her to see out through three sides and has a comfortable cushion for her to lay on. aka he’s too smart for this carry and instead of knowing he’s secure i have to hold the top closed. our rescue kitty was a nightmare to put in the usual hard sided carry crates-and we felt awful doing it for her trip to the vets for her first checkup–so we looked for a less restrictive but safe alternative. when we set it up near her toys, she walked in and settled down to view the christmas tree with no fear at all.

our house cat, “mixie”, says the soft-sided cat carrier she rode to & from the vet works fine for her. the price was fine for our wallet as well. it definitely did its job for my cat after her spay but once she realized that this carrier meant a trip back to the vet, she freaked out completely and surprisingly did not tear in any way even though she was trying to claw and push herself out. if you do use this carrier please be careful as the velcro is easily popped open even if you zip the zipper all the way. my poor puppy (well within the recommended weight guidelines for this product) could have been seriously injured while in this. a week later, she learned that she could easily let herself out the top as the top zipper + velcro flap is not secure at all. i wanted a larger, more agreeable carrier for my large kitty. we’ve previously only had hard plastic carriers which worked reasonably well for my girl and smaller boy, though they only have one entry and they may have found them claustrophobic. as soon as i unpacked it, both my boys ran to it to check it out and be the first inside. and, not surprisingly, the chewy box and packing paper have been a hit all week as a playground too =^..^= seemed great at first, but the top closure uses velcro across part of the opening, which our kitten quickly figured out how to open.

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