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keep your rats happy in and out of the cage by providing lots of fun pet rat toys for them to play with. you can find toys made of twigs, wood or natural grass for healthy chewing, including a few made of tasty applewood or timothy hay. tunnels for rats come in many styles and sizes, and you can choose from freestanding play tunnels or modular tunnels that turn your cage into a rat maze. you can also find exercise balls for your rats, but these can cause back soreness and some rats don’t like them. fill your with rat cages with lots of different activities by incorporating chew toys, rolling toys, exercise toys, puzzle toys and more to keep your rats from getting bored.

shop our terrific selection of pet rat toys and set your rats up for hours of fantastic amusement! an exercise wheel, lots of chew toys, balls and things to climb will give your rat some stimulating outlets for activity, and tunnels are a great way to keep your rats happily running around the cage. make sure your pet rat gets lots of quality time outside the cage and with you, as well. dangling toys or activity centers for small animals are big hits with rats, and climbing toys like ladders, ropes and branches are a great way to provide extra exercise and save space in the cage. the safest toys for rats are those made specifically for small animals, and you can find a great selection of rat-safe toys on

they need a variety of toys so that they can remain amused and active. you can search pet stores for rat toys or make your own. ensure that the toy is nontoxic and safe for them to swallow. exercise wheels are one of the best ways to get your rodent up and running without taking them out of their cage. you can hang a hammock or two within the rat’s cage for them to climb into and lounge on. even though you can certainly find a number of rat toys at the store, we recommend making your own.

one of the best ways to keep your rat entertained while filing their teeth is creating this toilet roll chew box. add the treat box to the cage and let your rat try to gnaw through to get to the yummy insides. old toilet paper rolls really are the best items to make your diy rat toys with. the best part about this box is that it allows them to forage, chew, and tunnel, all with one inexpensive item. try to make the maze as intricate as possible so that the rats get to explore and tunnel in a new environment. you can look at the store for rat approved toys, or you can make your own. while we provide information resources and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.

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