outdoor cat toys

in addition to decorating your catio with perches, platforms, hammock, and a cat tree, make sure you also add some cat toys in the enclosure. it’s no secret that cats love to hunt for mice and those who have had pet cats for any length of time know that they don’t hunt for the tiny creatures because they are hungry. you can place multiple mice in different areas in the enclosure, such as on the highest platform, the perch of a cat tree, or in the cubbyholes. dangling toys provide them with the opportunity to satisfy these instincts and hence, these feline pets love to play with such toys.

get a few detachable hanging toys and attach them in the outdoor cat run. when it comes to keeping your cat active, engaged, and entertained with toys, one of the most common issues cat owners face is that cats quickly lose interest in them. instead, place only a few toys in the outdoor cat run or enclosure when you build it and let your kitty play with them for a while. don’t place interactive toys in the catio – use them only when you are playing with your feline friend to maintain its interest in them. the fresh air, along with physical and mental activity that your cat will enjoy in a catio decorated with different types of cat toys, will have a significant positive impact on its mood and overall well being.

i can’t even count the number of cats that have been on my property since moving here in september. i’d love for the cats to be able to play with most of the toys on their own, and it’s not like i know for sure when rain is coming, so i don’t want to have to pull in toys lest they rust or decompose due to rainfall. and since the balls are on a track and it’s an easy-to-spot toy because of it’s colour, no part of the cat toy could easily be missing or lost in your yard. i have absolutely never been able to get avery to bother with cat tunnels for more than a moment, but i know some cats love these things to bits, so it may be an idea to get a slew of them and pepper them around to keep kitties entertained outside.

however, if you ever actively want to engage a cat every so often, or have a catio for your indoor cats and want some toys you can actively use to play with them, while also being able to leave those inside the catio, teaser wands that are made completely of plastic and mylar are perfect for this kind of thing. then there’s the other purrfect spot for cats to nap and hang out in that i’ve actually grabbed for my own garden… cat houses! there are multi-cat options, insulated ones, even electronically heated cat houses you can place outdoors if you live in the kind of region that gets pretty harsh winters and want to keep kitties as warm as possible. while this is typically hard to do, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves make the job one heck of a lot easier. welcome to kittyclysm – a blog for cat lovers & kitty keepers.

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