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onome started training when he realized he needed to increase his strength and size, to improve his performance while playing american football. since the beginning of his bodybuilding career, onome has become a well-known athlete, internet hit, and inspiration to everyone looking to create a strong, healthy, and natural physique of their own. at the time, when he first started out, he weight only 72kg – 185lbs, but he soon realized that his genetics and natural ability to “grow” when lifting weights propelled him into a life of bodybuilding full-time. he started linking the videos to his social media accounts, along with a natural bodybuilding organisation. he wants to represent natural physiques and avoid the use of drugs, and in the words of onome; “i want to avoid the huge guts and growth hormone looks” he continues, “for me, bodybuilding is about the classic physique. onome egger is inspired by the classic physiques of arnold schwarzenegger, reg park, steve reeves and many more from the old-school era of bodybuilding. this, along with his continuing progress is what motivates onome to carry on his life as a bodybuilder. he is surely amazing and is a most handsome man, as well.

then i quit training and then i saw him in 2017 and i said woww he is a monster. i wish you would post more of your stats. please add one movement to your leg routine as i believe your idol arnold s. used the standing calf toe raise {both straight & both toes inverted/inward) with a warm up & 3 to 4 sets with 200#, 250# or 300 lbs. thanks lol who the hell writes for this site, a 5 year old? you forgot to add his steroid cycles to his training area. contains well researched and natural ingredients. carve your muscle shape. we cover professional athletes, models and even social media stars to bring you the very best, up to date information in our profiles.

onome egger is an austrian bodybuilder with nigerian heritage. he 670k followers, posts – see instagram photos and videos from onome egger musclemania® pro as a former american football player, onome egger learned the rigors of hard core training, sound, onome egger before and after, onome egger before and after, onome egger instagram.

nineteen year old bodybuilder onome egger is just breaking on to the scene and already turning heads. my parents and family are behind me, so i got my head straight without a bunch of distraction. the latest tweets from onome egger (@onomeegger). – musclemania pro athlete – natural bodybuilder – body his father was a keen trainer and encouraged him. in 2005, at the age of 14, onome egger is an austrian bodybuilder with nigerian heritage. he blew onto the scene in his teenage,

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