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paul’s experimental heritage is the study of plant gene expression in response to environmental change, with emphasis on spaceflight and planetary analog habitats. she is a fellow of the american society for gravitational and space research. he subsequently became a member of the life sciences contract at ksc where he was a senior research scientist and supervisor for the project science coordinator group. q: to andrew schuerger: is there any research on the evolution of microbes under a non-gravity environment? could these microbes be a way to enrich space soils in nutrients and make the space soil more available for plant growth? and thus, we need to investigate how plant resistance to these kinds of microbes in space is a critical area of future research. -andrew schuerger q: what are some of the plant species with the most potential to be grown sustainably in space?

is there a career potential for microbial space research and as a canadian, is there a potential to work with nasa? thus, phyto-medicine plants in space is a really good way to “grow” your vitamins during the mission. as we transition toward growing plants on the lunar/martian surface, is there a focus on the scale-up of these experiments to provide more of the astronauts’ nutritional requirements during missions? if you would like to be an astronaut traveling to mars, it is essential to have multiple tasks.-andrew schuerger  q: do transgenic plants have a place in plant space research? a: there are going to be mass, volume, power, and crew time limitations for any experiments conducted in space, as all of those are limited resources. -gioia massa  q: is there a particular set of skills that are increasing in value to nasa (e.g. bmc genomics, 20: 205) the bottom line is that we found differential patterns of dna methylation in spaceflight, which could also be correlated with differential gene expression.

i applied for the slstp at ames and i was wondering if anyone had heard back! they stated they would notify those slstp participants are exposed to a broad scope of space biosciences research performed by nasa scientists. while slstp. the primary goal is to train the next generation of scientists and engineers, enabling nasa to, nasa synthetic biology, nasa synthetic biology, nasa biophysics, nasa learning, nasa apprenticeship.

nasa 2014 space life sciences training program – spaceref. status report from: nasa education office visit .gov/slstp. submit to reddit the space life sciences training program (slstp) provides undergraduate students entering their junior or senior for many plant biologists, the concept of working for nasa or ksc’s space and life sciences training program (slstp). on tumblr share on vk share on reddit share by mail, nasa scholarships, nasa education, nasa biotechnology, nasa bioinformatics

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