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instead john likes to start his workouts with a joint-friendly exercise that feels really good on your connective tissue. as a general rule of thumb john doesn’t like to use any high-intensity training techniques during the pre-pump / activation phase. in phase 2 you are going to perform a big compound exercise to really overload the muscle and recruit a lot of muscle fibers. john meadows loves to finish off his workouts with an exercise that places the muscle in a deep loaded stretch. here is a great video of john meadows applying extra manual resistance on lat pulldowns to really stretch out the lats on every rep: if you perform this exercise correctly then you will have a huge stretch on your lats in the top position of the exercise. actually this is the exact training split that john meadows used to compete as a national-level bodybuilder in the 1990s and 2000’s. john wants you to train the big barbell exercises like incline bench presses and flat bench presses. john really likes to perform this exercise explosively for sets of 6 reps. check it out: “to me the incline bench press is the king of upper body exercises.

john was training in a gym with some new pieces of equipment that he just had to try so he took a break from the dumbbell and barbell presses. john designs his mountain dog leg workouts so that you can train hard while minimizing the aches and pains that come with training your legs hard. john is also a big fan of using bands on quadricep exercises to take some pressure off your knees in the bottom position. this is one of his favorite “stretch” hamstring exercises to perform at the end of his workout after his hamstrings are pre-fatigued. john doesn’t have a set workout template for his back workouts the way he does for his chest / shoulder and lower body workouts. john believes that the key to getting the most out of pulldowns is to really stretch out your lats in the top position. towards the end of his tricep routines john likes to use skull crushers, overhead triceps extensions and other movements that place the triceps in a huge stretch. his mountain dog training program is one of the most effective and popular bodybuilding training programs in the world today. do you want to know his secrets for building massive quads / hamstrings and a huge back squat?

in other words, why hit a balls-out mountain dog leg workout and have to be wheeled out of the gym on a gurney when a simple linear progression program of basic exercises will work? these guys are bigger and stronger than the fresh-faced beginners, but not developed enough to do damage on a bodybuilding stage or powerlifting platform. don’t let the need to push more weight dictate form – it should be constant and near perfect. at this stage i’m going to challenge you a bit more with some high intensity sets and work your volume up some, but not to advanced levels. the intermediate program is a step up from what a beginner would do but not as much as an advanced. although you’re being pushed harder, you’re not being pushed to the brink of overtraining or even overreaching, for that matter.

advanced athletes usually have their supplements and diets more dialed-in than intermediates, which is another factor that allows them to push harder and longer. shape your habits now, as they’ll become a necessity when you’re ready to step it up to the advanced level. it will likely stay there throughout the program, with only some minor variances in how many reps to execute and the form used. eventually they’ll graduate to the advanced level and the poundages lifted will still be important but not as important as the intensity generated during the set. they’re not often used in the bodybuilding world, but i’ve adapted them to fit a hypertrophy model. the more advanced the program gets, the higher your training intensity and volume will be. moving on from beginner to intermediate is a major steppingstone as it’s where the dedicated bodybuilders start to distance themselves from the many recreational lifters.

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