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i had a burning fire to become bigger and stronger; i liked the results i was getting, and it was pleasing to know that my results came from my hard work. i kept at it and 4 years later, after getting over the feeling, that same feeling that keeps the majority of weightlifters from ever becoming competitive bodybuilders (“i’m not big enough”), i finally stepped on stage at my first bodybuilding show. my motivation also comes from love and all of the energy i get from the people around me. the 5/3/1 pertains to the cycling of percentages that is key to the program. week 4 is a deload week, where the percentages for the main lifts go down to 40, 50, and 60% for 3 sets of 5, and the weight for assistance lifts is also dropped. for assistance work, i go with “boring but big” on week 3’s which includes 5 sets of 10 of the main lift after the heavy 5/3/1 sets.

the progression of my main lifts is my main priority, the volume and progression of my accessory lifts are secondary. with this program, i successfully combine progressive overload through the main lifts, and more progressive overload as well as progressive tension overload via the accessory lifts. if you’re unaware, you really ought to look up the jim wendler 5/3/1 program. i aim to eat a couple servings of fruits and vegetables per day as well as drink between 2-3 gallons of water. during my 2011 contest prep season, i began at 50f/200c/225p and over the course of a few months, gradually increased it to 50f/300c/225p, and finally for the last couple weeks before each competition did 50f/250c/225p. protein powder is a convenience food.

matt ogus @mattogus. learn how to shred fat, and build the lean muscular physique at rising star: natural bodybuilder matthew ogus talks with i think that’s the reason why so many people matt ogus upper body mobility warmup routine (floor, bands, optional cable & light db work)., .

matt ogus. matt ogus – pre-workout shake – shredding diet (no kale). serving size : 1 shake. 462. cal. 51%. 62g. matt ogus’s pre workout drink -200 mg caffiene -4g beta alanine -6g citralline mallate -4g acetyl l- discover if matt ogus really has taken steroids to get jacked; or whether he’s a lifetime natural,

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