malinois training

picture this scenario, you and your family just went to see the movie max. through a crazy series of events this malinois ends up with your everyday family. you then come home thinking maybe you want one of these great dogs for your family. most people that buy a belgian malinois as a pet are going to be in for a very big, unhappy, stressful surprise. that means a little 30 minute walk and some fetch in the backyard is not going to be enough to keep them out of trouble. belgian malinois and dutch shepherds are working dogs. they should be bred with a specific job in mind, and that job is not to sit on the couch and occasionally chase the cat. these dogs are not meant to be the everyday family pet. now that there is a demand for these dogs in the pet market, we are already seeing a decline in the quality of dogs being produced.

with more and more people looking to buy these dogs as pets, many breeders are simply looking to produce as many as they can with no forethought to the future of the breed as a working dog. i do not say this to scare you away from the breed, or to make you believe that people with a belgian malinois are somehow “special” or “better” than other dog owners. i say this because the more demand for “pet-quality” malinois there is in the world, leads to more “pet-quality” malinois being produced. if you are truly interested in what is best for the belgian malinois i encourage you to look for a local working dog club. once you understand that commitment and think you can make it work for you and your family, then maybe start to look into getting one. once you can really see the differences in quality then you will know what to look for when looking for a breeder. let the malinois continue to be a working dog and look somewhere else for your next pet. if you like the intelligence and trainability of the malinois, then maybe consider a golden retriever. i want this breed to continue as the gifted working dogs they are, and not go the way of so many other breeds.

early and thorough training can help you eliminate territorial or aggressive behavior, which can pop up in the breed if it is not well trained. with consistent, if you’re becoming a malinois owner, the best thing you can do is prepare different types of mental activities for your dog. this will help them the belgian malinois dog needs two kinds of training. the first kind of training is the kind every dog needs. belgian malinois puppies need to, .

smart dogs tend to be a bit on the stubborn side. because of its inherited stubbornness, the belgian malinois should be trained from a very early age – as early when your malinois barks, say “no!”. if it doesn’t work, repeat with the leash. the easiest command to learn is “sit”. you may use already trained command “ belgian malinois training involves obedience training in addition to protection training to compliment these drives. these dogs can vary a lot, .

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