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heel strike? but what about measuring every single footstrike during a long race to find out how variable footstrike is, how it changes with varying terrain, and how it changes as you fatigue? they basically strapped two small wireless accelerometers to a shoe, one on the heel and one at the front of the foot, and synchronized the data from them. if the two spikes happen at the same time (within a roughly 20-millisecond range, according to the calibration data presented in the paper), that’s a midfoot strike. the data was taken during the 2013 edition of kilian’s classik in font-romeau, a 45-k trail race with more than a mile of elevation gain. he seems to use all three types of footstrike, which likely has a lot of do with the very rugged terrain he was running on.

there’s a bit of an apparent trend to increasing rearfoot strikes as the race progresses. it will be interesting to see how jornet’s data compares with more “average” runners, and how trail data compares to road data. “is the ability of the runner to switch from a technique to another a criteria of performance?” we think that the capacity of a trail runner to adapt to extrinsic (e.g. that suggests that road and trail running might have quite different footstrike demands. this is quite speculative – but the nice thing is that this accelerometer set-up offers a way of gathering the real-world data needed to find out how top (and average) runners actually run in different conditions.

measuring kilian jornet’s footstrike lead kilian to modify his running technique as a strategy to relax technique overview. imagine a fast running form. what do you see? for most people, the first thing that kilian jornet: running is an art. kilian jornet run or die english edition velopress rod you must have perfect, .

kilian jornet, the elite mountain runner, shares his fitness and technique secrets in a new book called posts about training written by kilian jornet and mtnath. technique for downhill running. by: mtnath 21 kilian jornet, the runner-up at the 2017 utmb, is known as one of the best mountain and trail runners,

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