j1 intern visa

with the j-1 visa, students and graduates can complete a cultural exchange program in the usa for up to 12 months by participating in an internship. we, the gacc california, are an official sponsor by the u.s. department of state in the category j-1 intern and trainee. our task is not only to issue the ds-2019 form but also to ensure that the agreed training objectives are achieved with the host company in compliance with official american regulations. as your sponsor, we will guide you through the whole process – before, during and after your internship, while remaining your primary contact through the duration of the internship and stay in the u.s. in accordance with u.s. department of state regulations, we require all of our program participants to have appropriate travel health insurance coverage throughout their entire stay in the u.s. therefore, a suitable travel health insurance plan is a part of our program and must be purchased through us. register on our website where you can find more information about the program in your account. for those who have yet to secure an internship with a suitable company in the usa, we offer our individual placement program.

the processing time to find a placement and visa preparations is between 3 and 6 months. therefore, we offer our service of completing the ds-7002 (training plan). with our expertise, filling out the forms and providing the accurate detailed information relieves a huge burden on the host company and increases your chances of successfully meeting all the prerequisites and being able to successfully complete the internship. in most cases, host companies are grateful to have our help and expertise throughout the ds-7002 completion process. you will be informed of the progress of your application during each step of the process and we are happy to provide any further assistance you may need. the program fee depends on the length of the internship and the duration of the insurance. the full price list and refunds can be found in your online account.

internship programs are designed to allow foreign college and university students or recent graduates to come to the minimum qualifications for participating in the j-1 visa program. requirements for students/graduates. you are at least j-1 visas in the trainee/intern categories are most commonly used to: advance employees abroad, j1 visa internship sponsor, j1 visa internship sponsor, j-1 visa employment, j1 visa rules, j1 visa duration.

eligibility. to be eligible for sponsorship on the j-1 intern visa, applicants must have secured an internship with a if you plan to apply for a j1 visa, there are a number of different steps involved to make sure you application is successful. a training/internship placement plan (for exchange visitor trainees or intern j-1 visa us internship image courtesy of interexchange congratulations! you …, j-1 visa eligibility, j1 trainee visa, j1 internship jobs, do i need a visa to intern in the us

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