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fortunately, the dog food industry has come a long way and today, there are plenty of grain-free treats on the market for your dog to enjoy. as for grain-free treats in particular, dr. jim carlson, a holistic veterinarian and owner of riverside animal clinic and holistic center, tells rover, “grain-free treats are typically limited in ingredients and contain few to no preservatives, which may cause unwanted side effects such as digestive upset and skin inflammation.” while all dogs can benefit from treats made with a limited number of ingredients and no artificial additives, dr. carlson suggests that grain-free treats may be particularly beneficial for dogs who are inactive or overweight. we explore it in-depth in our article, “should i be worried about grain-free dog food?” there are a lot of grain-free dog treat brands out there that use high-quality ingredients, but many others that pump their treats with chemicals, fillers, and other hard-to-digest ingredients. dr. carlson says, “limited ingredients are important to eliminate excess preservatives and to reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.” grain-free treats can be a great addition to your dog’s diet, but with so many options on the market, which is the best choice for your pet? depending on the flavor you choose, these dog snacks are full of real turkey, beef, chicken, and other high-quality food ingredients, such as sweet potatoes, peas, and apples.

not only are these popular treats grain-free, but they’re also great for training, totaling just 3.5 calories per piece. these small, high-protein treats are made with quality, real-food ingredients such as turkey, pomegranate, and ginger which makes them a perfect grain-free solution. these well-reviewed soft and chewy dog treats are a clear favorite with dog owners—and for good reason! for example, dogs with certain health problems may need to avoid grain-free products. a veterinary professional can give you deeper insights on the best diet for your dog, including which treats are going to be the best fit for your pet.

this also usually means baking chocolatey-goodness or some sort of paleo-friendly treat that i just have to taste test over and over. so, instead of your traditional foodie friday with myself and american express, this one is for all the dogs out there! he was ready to sit, roll over, throw his paws up, and pull out every trick in his book for these. as such i was paid for my services, but all opinions in general and about american express are my own. i think next time i’d halve the eggs, or maybe even use water instead as someone suggested so that they turn out crispier. a naturopathic doctor and a scientist told me to never heat up flaxseeds or flaxseed oil as it becomes toxic and never use flaxseeds or flaxseed oil to bake with for same reason. i’ve been able to consume eggs that way without any problems. i don’t know if it’s safe to heat up or cook with chia seeds though.

also, coconut is very absorbent so maybe allowing the dough to sit for a period of time to absorb the moisture before rolling them? i am finding that i have to bake treats at a low temp for quite a while to dry them out once they are actually cooked. i will try making these after we get back from a trip this weekend. although we may receive a commission for linking certain products, there’s no additional costs to you and all of our opinion and suggestions are 100% our own and unbiased. they are rich in fiber with an added dose of healthy fats and antioxidants thanks to the chia seed to help fuel you for the morning. /strawberry-cream-overnight-oats/ … grab and go has been the name of the game this summer ???? and i am so thankful to have had a freezer full of my freezer-friendly breakfast burritos. ⁠ ⁠ /freezer-friendly-breakfast-burritos/ … our baby turned 2 this weekend and she smiled ear to ear the entire time???????? amazing time filled with so much love & spent with family, friends, and all her favorite things! ⁠ top it (on chicken or fish).⁠ eat it by itself…⁠ ⁠ this avocado and corn “salsa” is so quick to whip up and makes for a great dip, atop grilled chicken, or as a standalone side dish! ⁠ ⁠ recipe is linked in my bio for you!

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