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if your arms are covered with bruises, scratches and teeth marks, you surely are upset about it and are looking for a way to decrease the nipping and finally allow those wounds to heal. in some cases, the biting may be genetic, due to a poor temperament and weak nerves. this is the best way to train a puppy that hands are bad and worth keeping away from their bodies! when your dog gives up nipping and licks your hand, tell him what a good boy he is and release the treats. this is quite easy to train and i usually have it trained in half a day or so. i recommend training your puppy how to leave it and drop to add some structure to the game. as i leave i’ll ask the pup for a sit and then toss him a chew toy or frozen kong to enjoy. this content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional. you anticipate him and toss a kibble on the floor for him to chase. i am leaving her collar on now (9mos) & use it to hold her & have my arm to the side of her head, so it is difficult to bite my hand. i have a german shepherd puppy 8 months old and he will not stop jumping up on me all the time scratches my arms up not sure what to do .?

it has reached a stage now within few days that my wife is scared of her and don’t want to be in same room when she is up. it would be nice if i didnt have to worry about him taking a plug out of my son. hi miro, so sorry to hear the breeder refused to take back the puppy and hold him for a little longer. hi miro, 5 weeks is very early to have a puppy, are you sure your puppy is just 5 weeks? fortunately, with lots of guidance and consistency, you should see a decrease in the biting. patience, tone of voice and training is vital..l wish l had a problem pup instead of nothing…. becky, have you already tried the puppy bite inhibition games suggested in the article? this provides a workout, obedience training and an alternative behavior to replace the biting. so the moment you notice the intent, freeze, ask him to sit and toss a treat from your pouch to catch. i too have a gsd puppy who is really very naughty and always bites me.and i think this article would be very helpful!!! i have tried to play the tug of war game with her, however she is still more interested in trying to get our hands and fingers. today he ate a hole through my 9 year olds backpack to get to a bag of popcorn and when she tried to take the backpack from him he growled and snapped at her hand leaving marks. the beauty about training and consulting with clients is that each dog assigned to you always teaches you something new.

you might even have seen a meme like the one below depicting the “evolution of the german shepherd puppy” and how it pertains to soft mouth training. and the next 4 games will show you exactly how i teach my own puppies and clients’ puppies to stop biting and learn to have a soft mouth… i suggest initiating these games with your puppy often. this is a method touted as the best way to teach inhibition. i mean, you’re basically setting your thumb up to be bitten and at the same time encouraging biting. and the idea is to offer a safe space free from opportunities for your puppy to get up to mischief. the frequency will take longer to reduce, but it’s the change in the pressure of the nips and bites that indicates a move in the right direction. it’s our first male dog too and i heard that can be a different disposition to deal with also. we are in the process of fencing a third of an acre for him to roam and run on. pause for a minute by telling him to sit and heel again, and then a third round, by now he usually lays on the floor just mouthing it. although i’d say that tug is not an endurance behavior and shorter tug sessions that are more intentional in terms of using them as a reward is the way i prefer to use them now. at the same time, i do need to say also that if at any time you feel like the biting and nipping is getting dangerously out of hand, the best thing you can do is get in touch with a trainer to help you work with your puppy – face-to-face is best in cases where there’s a biting concern. i think you made a good choice to go with a muzzle for now, while you work with him. i will utilize the training you have listed above for prevention, but i’m not sure what to do in the moment of her shark attacks. the only thing i’d advise is if you’re going to play the build-a-bridge game, try sitting on a low stool or chair with your legs stretched out in front of you and not on the floor. i think roughhousing is totally fine once a puppy has passed the biting phase and also learned to have a soft mouth. the idea with management is to have a place where you can calmly place coco when she’s so over-aroused that she’s in a frenzy and going for human limbs. i have used this program for several years to train all my pups and rescues of all ages. nose touch is really quick and easy to teach and once cosmo knows this behavior is a great way to redirect nipping behavior on the fly. i highly recommend this program as a solid foundation for developing the confidence and skills of a rescue dog. there is also a phenomenon in dog training known as an “extinction burst” where the behavior we’re working to recondition seems to get worse before it becomes extinct. megan the easiest way to remove the items you would prefer her not to play with and also not make it feel like you’re initiating play is through redirection. i like to use a dog pyramid for this because it takes some concentration and work so i have time to work with the other dog and everyone is happy! but in the back of my head and my emails is the breeder insisting i say no. i think it’s way more important to teach dogs what we do want and just ignoring the behaviors (acting like a tree) we don’t want or employing redirection methods as you have been with toys. you can read more about the program and my experiences with it here. this is simply having him on a leash and i usually tether to myself. you can read more about it and my personal experiences with the program here. she doesn’t have any issue with being touched though, and she usually bumps you with her nose as a precursor to the biting. but ultimately i’d go with the nose touch game and practice it as much as possible to teach her that human limbs are out of bounds for nipping and biting. i’ve noticed she doesn’t seem to want to go back in the house when we get back from walks, and i certainly want her to be happy. i can see why you feel heartbroken at not being able to give the physical touch to your pup that you’d like and know that he needs. also, feel free to look into a dog training program i recommend and use for all my dogs. this way you can show her what you do want and not have to focus on what you don’t want. and she’s lucky to have you in her life because clearly, you want the best for her. the idea is not to isolate her so i still like to give pups the ability to see, hear and interact with the family even if they are in their crate. but in the meantime, you can invite friends over to your home for her to meet and greet. to help curb biting and nibbling try the build-a-bridge game with her which you’ll find in this article. if i were to train her on a crate how often and long would she be in there? like for example, if you need to travel with your dog via car or plane, having them crated for the journey is safe and also necessary if flying. i tried to give her a toy but she would bark at me and go for my skin. the method i use with all my pups and even older rescues is the build-a-bridge game which you can find in this article above. do you have any advise to lessen the whining and how to play these games with a overly energetic dog? the reason i recommend this specific one is because it shows you exactly how to teach the kinds of behaviors i mentioned and a lot more through games. something seems to have switched in him since that day at the vet. and it sounds like he’s going through the one the one which is around 6 to 14 months. but since he’s already bigger, you might need to sit on a chair or sofa and not on the floor for this game. and there’s a great interview i had with her which is also in the article i wrote. so he’s still getting to play and interact but he’s not going over the threshold into a biting frenzy. of course she’s you pup and i can’t tell you what to do, but i’ll say that a shock collar is only a short term solution and will not fix the problem. what should i have done in such a situation and how can i reduce the nipping behaviour? because the gsd is such a smart dog they learn quickly and need to be stimulate more otherwise they can get rowdy. gabriella, my wife doesn’t play with him to the degree i and he bites her more! i have a family member who uses wafarin and i know how easily bleeding starts and how difficult it is to stop. bite inhibition training is a difficult thing to work through, but i don’t believe folks that have gone through it and have had success are in the minority. he house trained pretty good and goes to the door and if that doen’t work he comes and sits in front of you and barks. but if he’s getting it all the time and then he doesn’t for whatever reason, like you being busy with other stuff, it makes sense that he’d resort to biting as a way to get your attention to play with him. she’s got to learn how to interact with you and your daughter and a very important part of that is bite inhibition. i have a 5 month old gsp and when i leave him in the room to sleep he always ends up tearing up his pee pads. your best bet is to pull back on actual walks for now and work in a smaller area, like your back yard on walking before going out on to the road again. and the fact that you have your mature gsd to help set boundaries to great. her playing involves biting which i understand is normal, but my son is still just a baby and can get hurt easily. he is very energetic and loves to play. we have been trying to use the tips you give in our articles and the one with the soft nose touch seems to be working. the nose touch training is really a great tool on the way to teaching bite inhibition. but it’s important that we teach them a behavior to replace the one we don’t like. i did write a review of her program which is about using games to train our dogs how to be the kind of dogs we know they can be. and i end the game too. i recommend starting with the build-a-bridge game in this article and once he’s comfortable with human limbs in close proximity to him without biting, you can start with the nose targeting. and while she’s still learning, i would keep interaction with her and you kiddies to a minimum. i know this is impossible with furniture and the like, so it’s another reason to have safe chew toys for her that she has access to. she has a lot of growing and developing to do. in terms of jumping, my method is to stand dead still and ‘make like a tree’ and just wait it out. the problem with counter-surfing is once they get something to eat it’s a reward that keeps them coming back for more. when playing with him and his toys he seems to think you’re the toy and instead of chasing the toy he’s biting at us instead.

my suggestion is to take your puppy to the vet for a full checkup and blood work. i do these things and it seems to make her worse. we did buy a shock collar as well to try and help me with the biting. i suggest you and you pup take some time together, with on one else around and start to play the build-a-bridge game. i have a 10 mo old gsd who is very protective and when we have a guest in our home, he barks, jumps on them and tries to “nip” them. it’s the one i use for my dogs and still do today. sometimes when i take him out and he doesn’t have to go he likes biting the leash. if he’s messing in the crate it’ll be a process of elimination to figure out why and fix that problem. we i let him back in the house again he finds away to keep going for my hands. my advice is that you start the same and see it through to the point where your pup is calm and not chasing hands and fingers when someone goes to touch him. he pulls to the extreme and when a vehicle comes near or anyone! my favorite is to start with the build-a-bridge game and take things from there. because she’s biting at the leash and your ankles i might suggest teaching the nose target game instead of redirecting to a toy. he was born on a farm with his litter mates and mom and they were all taken to the shelter. i’m not sure what to do and feel on the verge of tears on a daily basis. i ask this because it’s important to pick one that feels comfortable for you and stick to it. check my review out to see if it’s something you’re interested in and so that you can make an informed decision. i want him to become a family dog and a great companion for the kids! and he listens to that although he won’t stay strayed long and when i put his leach in tries to bite me or the leach. 2) you can try using the food as a lure to begin with for this game. and i’m sure you know that your pup is only doing it because it’s in his nature to protect. when you say he’s ignoring the off command, is that when he’s trying to herd your son? i really recommend using the games described in this article to teach your boy that biting humans is not cool. second issue is we also have two cats in which she pounces on sometimes way to rough for the cat and i need to pull her off. i have tried a few methods and nothing seems to be working so far. the best advice i can give though, is to let go of the ‘firm no’ and give the games in this article a go. we have goats that i could let her chase and do that with but is there any help you can give me to help my children to learn? i suggest you start teaching the games first and once she’s got a game mastered with you, then allow your kids to get involved. my advice is to try the methods in this article and then pick the one that works the best for you and your dog. of course at the point where your pup nips, you will be withholding the treat and going back to the point in training where your pup did not nip. it’s a good thing you managed to get bolt to trust you again, the gs is highly intelligent and sensitive. what you can do is keep your pup in a playpen and then allow interaction with the playpen as a barrier, and always under adult supervision. keep hands and arms close to the body. and once she can demonstrate to you that she’s solid on the sit/no jump when meeting people in your yard. it’s the safest for you and the most motivating for pups. i suggest using the ‘build a bridge’ here and get him used to one pair of boots, sandals, shoes at a time. in regards to playing and biting when i stop playing and walk away for a second it seems like it makes him more aggressive. you pup is still very, very young so it’s important for you to have patience and experiment with a conter-conditioning method. if your pup is going after your feet when you move away from the game the best option is to work with your pup in a sectioned off area or a play pen. you can easily teach him in a force-free, fun way that if certain rules are kept to he can have fun and games. but he still does the biting and i know he is just playing but we can’t get him to stop…ouch doesn’t work with him…help! i understand she is still young, but i have small kids and she is going after them and i can’t get her to let go. if you decide to use the method i detail in my comment to guylaine, make sure that when your little ones interact with your pup that they are outside the playpen and your pup inside. this will be a trying time, but trust me when i tell you that your pup is going to be your children’s best friend in a very short time. remember, she has no idea what a leash is or what a wonderful reward it will be for her to go walking in the wide world with you once she’s comfortable with it. she broke the skin several times and i feel it to be stressful that i can walk in the house, or the garden , without being dragged by my trousers!!! the most positive way to counter this is to have her in a playpen or a sectioned off part of the room when you’re interacting with her. her playpen should be large enough for her and you to be inside together and interact with each other – so not in a crate because that’s too small. i have a huge backyard too and i am prepared to put in the time to be a good master to this dog with a good home. none of them ever scare me and i feel i have the ability to connect with a dogs soul. i cant exercise him more than 5kms a day and playing with my other dog for a couple of hours is all we can do other than a couple of days a week where we will take him to the park off leash. a good way to do this is to create a space inside your home where he can still see you, hear you and interact with you and your family. the main focus is for you to bond with him. once he’s comfortable and calm in the are where the playpen is you can move the playpen to another part of the room or house. at 4 months your pup is still exploring the world around her and she uses her mouth to do so. i have a 4 month german shepherd mix that will walk up to us and bite our hands, feet, face while we are sitting on the couch. i have heard that making a loud noise to startle him can break his behavior to give him a command, but he keeps barking and nipping. i really don’t want her to go for one of the kids. the biting is gaining pressure and we are starting to bleed when he bites. in terms of meeting the little people in your life, i really recommend introducing them one at a time and if at all possible not all on the same day. if i give him a toy instead, he throws it and goes back to biting me. starsting off on the right foot is essential to a well trained dog and a solid relationship. i have even taught her the command “kiss” and she will give kisses. we are having issues with him biting us rather frequently, not to break the skin but i would love to get this under control. we have a 6 month old gsd and he’s got into the habit of biting us when he wants to play. we are trying a bridle for that) and we would love to keep her if we can stop the biting. but the more you socialize him with other dogs and expose him to different situations the more his confidence will grow. and the best way to do that is through games. i ended up setting a timer and taking him out every hour no matter what and giving a treat if he went to the bathroom. i’ve build a digging pit for my gsd’s which they love to play in and dig when they feel the need. and sticking out your knee is only going to hurt the pup physically. my recommendation is to start with the build-a-bridge game and take it from there. i tether to my body so they can go wherever i go and not left behind when i leave the room. and in terms of the biting, it’s normal behavior for puppies and i recommend using the games in this article to teach your puppy that biting human limbs is off-limits. i like how you redirect her natural biting to something acceptable like doggy kisses!

for a good reason, many like to call their german shepherd puppies “land sharks.” often, the nipping is a manifestation of a dog getting according to the national geographic television show “dangerous encounters,” their powerful scissor-like bite exerts more than 1060 newtons or the first reason they bite is that they’re playing and practicing their prey/hunting instincts. german shepherds are herding dogs, and as such,, how to stop a german shepherd puppy from biting your feet and hands, why does my german shepherd puppy bark and bite at me, 1 year old german shepherd biting, german shepherd behavior stages, german shepherd behavior stages.

to discipline a german shepherd for biting or nipping, make sure you correct them during their bad behavior by saying u201couch!u201d, pulling your hand away slowly to not excite them more, and redirecting the biting and nipping to an interesting chew toy. this aggressiveness is part of their hormonal progression but worsens through poor training, inappropriate socialization, and lack of guidance. ensure the basics of socialization occur by the time your gsd is 14 weeks old. this helps deter hostile actions. why is your german shepherd puppy biting? since german shepherds have a high prey drive and chasing instincts in their genes, it’s a part of biting and nipping is also a play game for gsd pups. they like to bite other pups in the litter, and this is usually harmless. however, when a, german shepherd puppies, german shepherd love bites, german shepherd biting owner, 7 month old german shepherd biting.

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