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make sure your gerbils aren’t able to splinter off sharp pieces of plastic or other materials and swallow them. remove any plastic toys once the gerbils start chewing on them. their tails and other body parts can get caught in and injured on wheels with rungs or cross-supports. get a medium-sized wheel, large enough that the gerbils back can be held relatively straight while running. wood will be chewed as well, so while they will last a lot longer than cardboard, you can plan on replacing wooden houses after a while, too. a half coconut shell and ceramic or clay plant pots placed on their sides can be used this way, too. some people have expressed concern about the types of glue used in these—and now colorful safe (and a bit more sturdy and long-lasting) cardboard tubes are made for pets to play with.

when you let them go, they loosen but stay more or less rolled, and your gerbils can have a ball with them. you can buy them or make your own out of untreated wood scraps. you can also check your pet store for things such as cholla, driftwood, and other wood such as grapevine (possibly found in the reptile section), which make good climbing toys. plastic climbing tubes (such as those for hamsters) and accessories can be used, too, though you need to be extra careful that your gerbils are not splintering off bits of plastic and swallowing them. you can also find ceramic tubes (check the aquarium section), and these have the advantage of being virtually indestructible. give you gerbils a heavy ceramic or glass dish with a couple of inches of chinchilla dust in it. you can also place wood shelters (such as under the shavings so the gerbils can have little “underground” burrows to sleep in).

if you decide to make a purchase from one of the links marked by an asterisk, we may earn a small commission on that sale. however, it’s not a good idea to allow your gerbils to play outside of their cage, unless you can provide a secure environment that they can’t escape from, such as this clever playpen* from tespo. so, it’s very important that you provide lots of distractions and interest for your gerbils in the safe, secure environment of their home you must therefore make sure that any toys with holes cut into them do not have spaces that could trap your gerbil’s head. the wheel is designed to attach easily to a wire cage for stability and runs silently, so you won’t be disturbed by a squeaky wheel if your gerbil fancies a midnight spin! although all these hideouts are well-made, remember that you will have to replace all wooden gerbil toys periodically, as they will be damaged by gnawing over time.

although you can provide simple chew toys, for example empty loo rolls, there are lots of specially designed gerbil chew toys that are inexpensive to buy. the toys are made from wood (perfect for chewing and gnawing), sisal to keep your pet’s teeth clean as he chews, and loofa that acts as a soft chew for teeth flossing. gerbils will mess in the dust as they play, so it’s important for hygiene that you change the dust and remove any droppings from the bath hut. keep an eye on the condition of the toys and be sure to remove and replace any that have become worn and damaged. lippman, galosy & thompson, journal of comparative and physiological psychology, “passive-avoidance learning in gerbils and rats”, 1970. most of the info on this website is actually correct regarding gerbil care. i recommend the repti-sand which you can get off amazon and chewy.

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