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chewy carries a great selection of some of the best gerbil supplies around, including handy gerbil products that will make your life easier and some cool gerbil accessories that will make caring for them more fun. a single-level wire enclosure or glass aquarium with a wire mesh cover will work well, and chewy carries a range of cool gerbil habitats and accessories to fit your needs. cage-mounted water bottles are the preferred way to give gerbils water, but you can use bowls for both water and gerbil food if you prefer. you’ll need to line your cage with lots of soft gerbil bedding for burrowing and nesting, and you’ll want to put a few gerbil hideouts and beds in there so your furry friends can nest and sleep peacefully. gerbils also need lots of gerbil toys to combat boredom, chew toys to keep their teeth trim, and a solid surface gerbil wheel for healthy exercise. you’ll find a wide selection of everything you need to keep your gerbils happy, healthy and comfy when you shop at check out all the great gerbil supplies we carry and have all the essentials shipped right to your door!

they also need lots of bedding for the bottom of the cage, a healthy gerbil seed and pellet mix, and healthy snacks of fresh veggies every day. a solid surface wheel and possibly some tunnels, too, will help your gerbils get the exercise they need. take care of your gerbils by setting up a safe, comfy and escape-proof habitat for them with all the essential gerbil supplies inside. once you’ve covered basic housing, food, rest, play and elimination needs, get your pets used to you by going slow and offering them treats when you handle them. they’ll eventually lose their shyness and be ready to spend time out of the cage and in your company. gerbils can be relatively easy to care for once you provide for their basic needs; just keep their cage clean and well-stocked with all the essentials and give them lots of attention, exercise and love. you can set the frequency of your shipments here, too, and change quantities and shipment timing whenever you want on

keep your gerbils happy in and out of the cage by providing a variety of gerbil toys for them to play with. all toys should be made of sturdy, non-toxic materials, without small parts or stuffing that can break free and be swallowed by your gerbils. get a freestanding wheel or one that mounts onto the habitat and look for a solid surface to provide sure footing and reduce the risk of foot injury. you can also find exercise balls for your gerbils, and many gerbils love to roam around the house; while supervised, of course; in these fun accessories. hide toys in their gerbil hideouts and beds for them to find or try burying toy treasures or gerbil treats in their gerbil bedding.

entertain your gerbil or gerbils by including lots of different toys in the habitat. make sure your gerbils get lots of quality time outside the cage and that they get to spend time with you, as well. gerbils like a variety of toys, including chew toys, tunnels, wheels, climbing toys and balls, but they will have a great time with almost anything you give them. dangling toys or activity centers for small animals are popular with gerbils, and climbing toys like ladders, ropes and branches are a great way to provide extra exercise and save space in the cage. gerbils will chew anything you give them, so make sure to only get chew-safe toys and accessories for your pet’s cage.

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the basic supplies gerbils need include a roomy, chew-proof and single-level cage, a water bottle and bowls for drinking and feeding and at tunnels for gerbils come in many styles and sizes, and you can choose from freestanding play tunnels or hanging ones that double as cozy find the supplies you need to care for your hamster or gerbil. from hamster food and treats, to toys and habitat accessories, petco has, gerbil wheel, gerbil bedding, gerbil tunnels, gerbil leash.

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