fun cat toys

but you don’t want to just leave them hanging and have them bored out of their damn minds (because this could also lead to the demise of your beautiful furniture). thankfully, there are a bunch of cat toys out there in the world that will keep your fur bb entertained, occupied, and most importantly, away from your precious home goods. i mean, if your cat has an instagram…you’ll be thanking me later because you’re welcome for the pretty prop! in this list are a mix of smol, large, and electronic toys your kitty would love to play with for hours on end. and if you’re a new cat parent, i 10/10 suggest you check out some of the cat names and litter boxes—including self-cleaning options—we recommend for them. it’s time that you put more effort into getting your kitty toys that are both fun and le chic. a toy that’ll keep them entertained and can also be a lil nook to hang out in? this v aesthetically pleasing tunnel will make crinkling sounds every time your feline runs through, plus, it has a dangling ball that hangs from the top for extra fun!

listen, it’s either your furniture or this cat scratcher. plop your furbaby on this thing and they’ll be chasing the toy mouse for hours. it has two different speed settings so if you wanna test out their agility (or have them burn off some of their high energy) you can maneuver it with that feature. it even has a rustling ball that your kitty can pounce and play with it while they’re jumpin’ around. this wonder (that could honestly look like a bestseller at a home goods store) is an interactive pushball toy that just requires a couple of balls. you drop them in and it’ll have your cat’s attention for a veryyyy long time. if you’re in a rush to get your cat a birthday present or they just need to stop coming for your furniture, get them this affordable gem. a win for all!

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