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here at petco in tallahassee, we want to ensure that you have the supplies you need to keep your fish happy and healthy. we have fish tank sizes ranging from half of a gallon to 75 gallons so that you’ll be able to find the perfect volume for your space. whether you’re looking for a single fish or an entire school, we carry a wide variety of pets you can add to your family. a live aquarium plant is one of the most popular items to add to a tank, and we have a great selection of plants. we carry a range of corals that are great for beginning and expert aquarium keepers in a variety of shapes and sizes.

we also offer a wide range of aquarium supplies so that you’ll have everything you need to keep your fish happy and healthy. we offer tank backgrounds and a variety of gravels and substrates that can provide a cohesive look in addition to a wide variety of tank d├ęcor. if you want to learn to keep exotic aquarium fish, upgrade to a bigger and better aquarium or just find new accessories for your current tank, get started today. petcoach, llc is a licensed insurance producer, not an insurer, and a wholly owned subsidiary of petco animal supplies, inc. the petco name is used for the brand name. products, schedules, discounts, and rates may vary and are subject to change.

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aquarium supplies up to 60% off everyday & free shipping over $75. tanks, filters, lighting, food & more at that fish place. our store location is a 14,000 square foot facility featuring four 215 gallon wall installations, large coral ponds, 6,500 square feet of dry goods and shop the latest fish tanks and aquariums at petsmart to find interesting ways to showcase your favorite fish. browse large and small tanks,, petco, aquarium store richmond va.

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