first mate cat food

i love that it has a urinary health profile and is low in phosphorous for my senior kitty for kidney health. i’ve recommended it to friends whose cats had similar issues (digestive/urinary), and it seems to be the miracle cure for all of them. my cat is exhibiting signs of allergies so i switched to this food since it has limited ingredients. she loves the firstmate wet cat food, so today when she was at the vet’s for her yearly appt, i got her a bag of chicken and blueberries dry kibble, as the vet said it was obvious she was having some food allergies. well, i’m sold, since she is, and with the limited ingredients, it should make tracking her allergies much easier. this is the only dry cat food all 4 of my cats agree on. my boy loves this stuff so much and yowls at the closet door where it is kept.

i have a manx cat and this is the only cat food i found that keeps her stool firm. i feed my 14-year old cats both wet and dry foods. my female mainecoon snowee loves this food especially the chicken with blueberry formula . they went for it immediately so i gradually switched over from their other dry kibble. my obese nino is more easily sated so eats less and is starting to slim down. i bought this food to get them away from the junky stuff and unknown rendered products maybe full of drugs toxic to cats ( aging horses are often full of banamine for pain when they are carted off to the rendering plant after their deaths) incommercial food and help their health. i tried the other kinds thinking he’d like variety, and he did eat it, but not eagerly.

today, the company has expanded to include multiple pet food brands, including kasiks, skoki, and firstmate. this is a truly limited-ingredient food and a promising option for cats with food sensitivities or allergies. this food’s positive qualities include a super-slim ingredient list, the use of apparently high-quality protein source, and a refusal to include any potentially-harmful artificial ingredients. this food is so far a hit with my ibd cat, he gets it as just a treat for right now along with firstmate chicken lid in the can.

we have decided to give our cats only the best and after exhaustive research, this food seems to fit the bill for canned food. their foods are a good option for cats with food sensitivities or allergies, but proceed with caution—most of their foods are high in carbohydrates. can you send me the list of canned food and percentage of the phosphorus, please? she can’t eat dry food cause she has no teeth and vomits easily even with small pieces of chicken mixed in with the turkey. whether wet or dry, all of their foods tend to be pretty high in plant ingredients (like the potato you mentioned) and carbohydrates, which we generally don’t think aligns with a species-appropriate feeding model.

firstmateu2019s salmon formula uses wild caught, food grade salmon sourced from sustainable fisheries. this grain free, limited ingredient formula is ideal for everyday feeding or for those with food sensitivities.u2026xa0more ideal for everyday feeding or for those with food sensitivities. u2026xa0more more the firstmate and kasiks kibble as well as canned products are proudly made by us at our facilities in british columbia, canada. cage free duck meal & our chicken with blueberries uses free run, cage-free chicken as a single meat protein with a high inclusion of blueberries for their antioxidant benefits. this limited-ingredient canned food features a single protein source, a starch, and supplements that make it nutritionally complete. aside from kale at the very, first mate dog food, first mate dog food, rawz cat food, rawz wet cat food, fussie cat food.

firstmate is a complete and nutritionally balanced food for cats. serve dry of slightly moistened in a clean bowl. provide fresh water at all times. 41 results for “first mate cat food” firstmate pet foods renaissance grain free cat food with blueberries firstmate™ grain friendly indoor cat formula cat firstmate’s chicken meal with blueberries cat diet is a wonderful choice for kittens or cats at all stages of life. free run chicken provides a single source, firstmate, carna4 cat food, tiki cat food, instinct wet cat food.

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