fenrir dog training

“this course has been super helpful as we bond and train our little girl! this girl is full of energy and it’s easy to get frustrated with her. we had to get training right away and this is perfect especially since we are home with her all day every day. knova is able to sit, stay, come, lay down, wait for her food, heel, & we almost have drop it nailed. “it is exactly one year today that kira has been with us and everyday is a blessing.

i purchased the puppy course in advance to acquire knowledge about raising and training a puppy. now, with the covid-19 i decided to purchase the boot camp course to spend my and her time wisely. will recommended we get the perfect puppy and canine boot camp courses before we picked up the pup to study them. we did this, and the courses are amazing, and very easy to follow! the videos they produce, and the dog training help they give to the world is truly unmatched.”

apparently the package is stuck as customs. i just wish the service was a little clearer on this.———————————-bad customerservicei have been waiting for my product for over a month. excuses have been given that customs have withhold the delivery and they will get back to me in 3 days – it has been 8 days already !the 2 stars are for the amount of times the support team actually responded. all the while i do ofcourse get automated mails to review my product. i’ve watched will on youtube for sometime now months before i made decision to get a labrador puppy.. will and his puppy course has helped me very much.

i easily returned a product to exchange for another and had quick refund. the training program was great and though i didn’t stick to it very well because of personal matters i can easily follow along with the modules and it was almost worth it just for the videos! enjoyed the knowledge gain on the theoretical aspect of training and the hands on portion as well. the fenrir perfect puppy course is excellent. i live in a rural area without a dog training facility nearby so this course is perfect for me and my puppy. companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations.

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pet supplies. @fenrircanineleaders. see all. shop. $29.99. ragnar slip leash. $19.99. the fenrir hammer. $44.99. ragnar training leash. fenrircanineleaders.com reviews in the dog trainer category the training program was great and though i didn’t stick to it very well because of the founder and the ceo of fenrir dog training is william atherton. he is a canine behaviorist specializing in extreme behavior rehabilitation, fenrir canine show, fenrir dog food.

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