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over the years, exos has developed a progressive approach to training human movement. training programs that have an integrated foundation of mobility, stability, and efficient movement patterns provide a functional launching point for the development of fitness, movement efficiency, speed, strength, and total-body power. and power in this context refers to the ability to express any form of strength application. pillar preparation: your pillar, which consists of your hips, torso, and shoulders, is the foundation for all movement. pillar preparation, or pillar prep, primes critical muscles to prepare the body for a workout, decreasing the risk of injury and boosting performance.

they also reduce the risk of injury and help you get more out of your training. strength and power: strength and power in this context refers to resistance training. manipulation of intensity and duration aim to help the body meet demands more efficiently. it includes techniques such as self-massage, cold water immersion, and recreational activity. exos has partnered with bridgeathletic to help coaches and trainers create digital training plans using exos’ movement library. he is exos’ director of continuous improvement, focusing on internal education and methodology evolution.

connect people with smart equipment, programs, and software. facilities and spaces. create an environment designed military leaders in every branch of service look to exos to help military members reach their potential and recover from injury. education courses provide service members with performance training, nutrition, and physical therapy. programs prepare service members for combat and noncombat missions. a customized interval training program will also be provided, and an individualized nutrition plan assists with muscle, exos exercise, exos exercise, exos education, exos certification review, exos apparel.

coaches and trainers at exos design every training program to optimize performance and reduce risk learn more about our work with athletes in many sports, such as volleyball, lacrosse, rugby, track and field, surfing, see real results with our coach-led programs. choose from three offerings to meet your personal needs. each offering, mark verstegen, exos football, exos training, exos mission statement

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