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here are 6 enrichment toys that may help to fill in some of those gaps throughout the day to keep them happy and also (fingers crossed!) it’s time for a little hide and “sniff” with the first enrichment toy on the list: a snuffle mat. you can even put them in a path so they lead to a fun new toy at the end! if dinos aren’t your thing, try the adorable racoons, chips & guacamole or the zoomies & chill recliner for smaller dogs (spoiler: your pup has to find change and a remote from inside the recliner! the toy works for breeds of all sizes and can be interlocked with a second toppl toy to take it to the next level.

it ranges from level 1 for beginners and goes all the way up to 4 for the doggy experts! once full, your pup has to paw and move the bowl in order to release the kibble or treats from one of the 6 holes along the sides. the lickimat slowmo is developed by vets and is great for puppies and dogs of all breeds and sizes, especially pups who like to lick. also, for flat-nosed dogs like french bulldogs, this makes for a great slow feeding alternative option to the more traditional slow feeders with the bumps and mazes. these enrichment toys are meant to be used in combination with enrichment activities that you can do with your dog on a daily basis.

but one niche corner of the internet is a little more positive: dog enrichment tiktok. alongside bindi and rosie, her two mixed-breed rescue dogs, mcdonald gained over 300,000 tiktok followers over the past two years — a true testament to how many dog owners are getting into the enrichment trend. allie bender, who is a certified dog behavior consultant, certified shelter behavior affiliate, certified professional dog trainer, and the author of canine enrichment for the real world(opens in a new tab), defines enrichment more broadly than its online reputation would indicate.

separation anxiety and other behavioral problems need to be managed with slow, positively reinforced counter-conditioning and desensitization — often with the help of a professional dog trainer. “i use a lot of enrichment for dogs who aren’t comfortable yet with doing regular obedience.” do said that food games and puzzles can be a great way to desensitize your dog to an environment that might be scary for them. “i like to add wine corks into it for an extra challenge.” taylor mcdonald frequently posts videos of her dogs playing with the west paw toppl and the west paw qwizl. devi do reminded us that some enrichment toys are too difficult for dogs who aren’t used to working for their food, but recommends lickimats as a great starting point.

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the best enrichment toys are the ones that empower your dog to embrace his innate behaviors like chasing, sniffing, scavenging, chewing, are enrichment toys actually good for your dog? ; red kong credit: kong. kong classic dog toy ; red kong wobbler credit: kong. kong wobbler these toys/games encourage movement from your pup! kong wobbler: toss treats / kibble inside this hard plastic toy and watch your dog eat his, .

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