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They are usually rectangular in shape with an opening that fits over a knob or handle of a door. Door hangers are a means of communication between guests and motel staff for guest privacy, housekeeping or maintenance issues. )Real estate servicesAnnouncing special events, promotions or grand openingsReminders of holiday or special day events (examples: flower shop, candy store, or restaurant reminding customers and potential customers of special Mother’s Day specials or coupon offerings)Sample offerings, new store or business openings, store closeouts, public auctions, community meetings, political rallies, parades, fundraising events, sports galas, town hall meetings, etc.Notifying a customer about a return date and time notification for a service call for(Electric, gas, internet, water, sanitation, telephone and other services)Occupied door hangers for areas of a home (bedrooms, bathrooms, other private spaces) There are a number of ways to make a custom door hanger template. Simply do a search under free door hanger templates and a number of results should come up for use and direct printing.

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Other free templates appear on different craft design website pages, and the user can right click on the pattern, copy, and transfer it by opening a document in Word or another graphic program and pasting the pattern from the clipboard. Once complete, print and cut the pattern and use it on a selected paper. Adobe PageMaker, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop, MacroMedia FreeHand and CorelDraw are all usable for the creation of door hanger templates. Perforated door hanger templates come in 4 x 11 inches and 5.25 x 8.5 inches.

You simply open the template for the size you want in CorelDraw and make any changes or adjustments you want to the template. Another option is to create a door hanger template for Word. ( Microsoft Publisher offers similar template choices and directions.) You can open a template for a door hanger and edit it in relationship to its business name, graphics, content, wording and any other embellishments.

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You want to make sure that the material you decide on is sturdy and durable as well as compatible with a copier, inkjet or laser printer. If not, you may have to place the pattern/template over the material selected and cut it by hand, or have it cut professionally.

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A door hanger can be used to promote any type of message. A creative door hanger is turning out to be the most convenient and cost-effective tool for marketing. During the laundry process, there is a need for hangers to hang items immediately so as to minimize the wrinkling. Tour travel door hanger template can be used to promote a traveling agency.

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Danger ahead door hanger templates are used for warning the audience. A brand can easily use these door hangers to attract a large audience. Beauty salon door hangers are a convenient marketing tool for the beauty salons and businesses. The door hangers help to inform the audience about new salons and their services.

This is a creative door hanger, designed to inform people about the baby sleeping in a room so that anyone coming can be cautious and silent while knocking the door. This creative door hanger is for the promotion of the local restaurants. The Carbox service door hangers are used for promoting the Carbox car care and services. Wedding door hanger templates are used to inform the people about an upcoming wedding.

These door hanger templates are effective and tend to attract a large audience.