dog weave poles

for anyone starting out in agility training, weave poles can be the most daunting obstacle to teach their dog. the dog of course has to navigate them in a zig-zag pattern. in competitions dogs get faulted for incorrectly starting the weave poles. the red and blue coloring provides good contrast for your dog – this is crucial as dogs do not have the best color vision and can crash into poles if they are not well visible. it is absolutely crucial that your dog has finished growing before starting weave pole training. if he is overweight or has not been getting much exercise recently, get him into shape first and then pursue the weave pole training. note that no dog learns to do the weave poles in one day. many beginner owners start by trying to lure their dogs through the weave poles with a treat in their hand.

if your dog has learned to weave by you luring him in and out of the poles, chances are that you might get faulted or disqualified if you try this at a trial! the beauty of this weave training method is that in the dog’s mind, he is only running in a straight line. should your dog not perform the weave poles correcty, he is faulted in competitions just like with any other obstacle. in most beginner classes, dogs are allowed to redo the weave poles 3 times. this weave pole behavior is also called “swimming”, because it looks like the dog is swimming through the poles. with the right approach, you can teach your dog to weave well. of course, only work with a dog who is finished growing, is at a healthy weight and in good physical shape overall. want to get a sniff on what spiritdog’s online training is all about?

if you’re looking for a great way to bond with your dog and deepen their training at the same time, you should consider using weave poles. if you want to show off your gear as much as your dog, the lord anson weave poles are the way to go. if you don’t want to deal with the pressure of figuring out where to place the poles, the pawhut obstacle set is a great alternative. if you want to get your dog involved in all sorts of agility work, the midlee beginner set is a great all-in-one solution. the set also comes with lures designed to help you train your dog on the poles, but they are filled with balls that can serve as a choking hazard.

the stick in the ground set from affordable agility is as simple as it gets, but that may be all you need to get started. if you’re looking for an all-in-one set that will help you get started with agility training, the better sporting dogs complete agility starter set is a good choice. if you don’t have a large yard, you’ll likely need to take them to a park in order to practice. if you’re going to do this competitively, then you should likely invest in a nice set of aluminum poles. that said, you can still introduce your dog to the poles while they’re puppies. if you’re looking for a good, solid set of weave poles, the cool runners weave poles are the way to go.

a set of 6 weave poles comes with a handy zippered carrying case. each set comes with grass stakes for use outdoors on uneven surfaces. dogs of all abilities shop from the world’s largest selection and best deals for dog agility weave poles. we have training weave poles to get your dog started as well as agility pawhut agility weaves poles, adjustable dog agility kit training course equipment for puppy with storage bag. 4.5 out of 5 stars 89., weave pole spacing, weave pole spacing, dog agility equipment, channel weave pole set, dog weave hair.

the basic weave pole set for small dogs is great for beginners and advanced practice, and shorter poles make this easy! it is portable and can be used indoors get the best deals on dog agility weave poles when you shop the largest online selection at free shipping on many items | browse your favorite all agility organizations have very specific guidelines for the weave poles. there are always 12 poles, spaced 24 inches apart. the dog of, dog agility weave pole metal base, agility weaves for sale, dog agility jumps, 2×2 weave pole bases.

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