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ratings and prices are accurate and items are in stock as of time of publication. there are several great reasons to switch from a traditional dog bowl to a more modern dispenser and fountain, none more important than maintaining clean drinking water for your fur babies. and for some dogs, cats and other pets, flowing water can be more enticing and promote more water consumption. this fountain is best for small and medium sized dogs. one of the best features of this fountain is its low noise. “the reservoir holds a generous amount of water, the flow is whisper quiet, and the led light is a well-thought bonus,” one amazon reviewer writes. “the filters are durable and not at all like my last fountain’s filters that made me question their effectiveness.” the large storage capacity of petsafe’s drinkwell platinum pet fountain means fewer trips to the sink for refills. quiet, durable and well-designed, the lu&ba pet automatic waterfall fountain is a fantastic choice for dog owners.

unlike other flat bowls, the 15-degree incline in the dispenser prevents your pet from wetting its hair while drinking. “it is very easy to disassemble and reassemble and it comes with a cleaning guide,” one amazon reviewer writes. “it is easy to clean and it has one filter so it is not (too) costly to replace and maintain. pet fountain might look like something from a sci-fi movie. the triple-filtration system keeps water clean and fresh so you don’t have to worry about the bacteria. “this little fountain has it all,” one amazon reviewer writes. another great perk to this fountain? “the petsafe fountain has a large main reservoir/base that has no little nooks or crannies that would make it hard to clean,” one amazon reviewer writes.

keep your best friend hydrated on the go with a dog water bottle made just for his needs. you can find several integrated designs that include both a bottle and bowl for drinking or bottles with nozzles that let dogs to drink directly out of them without a bowl. some even feature handy squeeze mechanisms that let you dispense just enough water for a quick drink on the go. these can also be used for crate training and are especially helpful for dogs who tend to knock over their water bowls while they’re in the crate. many travel water bottles come with dog travel bowls that you can use for either food or water while you’re out and about. and don’t forget to keep your dog well-supplied with fresh water at home, too, by using automatic dog waterers for convenience or dog water fountains that circulate and filter the water for freshness.

shop our great selection of dog water bottles and pick up everything you need for walks, hikes and trips! look for a portable water bottle that will be easy to carry and easy to dispense; designs with nozzles or integrated bowls work well and are compact enough to carry anywhere you go. whatever water bottle you choose, your dog will be happy to have a fresh source of water and staying hydrated will keep him extra peppy and healthy. most portable dog water bottles are used by squeezing or pouring the water into a bowl for the dog to drink from. some bottles use a nozzle design instead that lets dogs drink directly from the bottle, and some of these can be mounted for use in crates, too. many dog water bottles are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning and sanitizing, but check the specs before you buy.

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